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Local skateboarders took to the air to perform rad tricks at today’s sod-turning celebration, which officially got the wheels turning on the construction of the Woodstock skateboard park. Read more below:

In approximately four months, skateboarders will be hanging out and honing their skills at a new park in Woodstock that boasts four ramps.

The construction of the new skateboard park kicked off today, Wednesday 7 February 2018.

The site is situated on the eastern side of the Woodstock Town Hall Park, along Victoria Road, between Plein and Aberdeen Streets.

During today’s sod-turning event, local skateboarders celebrated and demonstrated their support of the project by showing off their skills.

The proposal for this park emerged during discussions with the local community and the skateboarding fraternity about the revitalisation of the Woodstock Town Hall precinct, as part of the World Design Capital co-design ward project in 2014. Councillor Brett Herron, the City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Transport and Urban Development, was the ward councillor at the time.The project, which amounts to approximately R634 000, is funded from the City’s capital budget.

The Woodstock Town Hall precinct has already received some upgrades since 2014, which includes the paving of the area between the town hall, library and park with red brick and cobbles, as well as providing seven additional parking bays to the existing parking area adjacent to the town hall.

‘It is very exciting to see the vision of the Woodstock skateboard park becoming a reality. This project is very close to my heart as I have watched it grow and take shape as a result of the valuable input from the community, including skateboarders. They have played an interactive role in sharing their comments regarding the location of the site, the planning, and in the design stages of the project.

‘Not only is this project a fantastic example of the value of partnerships between local government and the community, but it also echoes one of our priorities, as local government, to build integrated communities by attracting a diverse pool of talent and creating a culture where talent can thrive.

‘I am confident that once this park is completed, it will provide our emerging and local talent with a platform to come together, practise their craft and have fun in a safe and well-designed space for all to enjoy,’ said Councillor Herron.

Last year, the City’s Organisational Development and Transformation Plan (ODTP) was adopted by Council to improve how the administration works.

‘An important aspect of this project is that, given the water crisis that our city is facing, the contractors will be using non-potable water from treated effluent to premix the concrete. They will also be bringing their own drinking water to site for the staff and they will monitor their water usage on site.

‘Going forward, we need to ensure that we are innovative in our approach to our projects so that we can strike a balance between delivering services to our residents while using water sparingly.

‘On that note, we are looking forward to unveiling the Woodstock skateboarding facility in the coming months and witnessing the first nollie 360 flip on these ramps. This facility will be the cherry on top of all the investment that has been made in this area,’ said Councillor Herron.

Councillor Suzette Little, the City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Area North, said the park will be a valuable asset for the community.

‘The skateboard park will be a key outstanding element that will attract more positive activity to the precinct and contribute to the community life in Cape Town. We need spaces such as these to encourage fun and healthy physical activity,’ said Councillor Little.

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3 Responses to Excitement ‘ramps up’ around the construction of the Woodstock skateboard park

  • Hi my name is Shuaib Philander 2015 WITP South African Skateboard Champion , community and culture based business owner 2 Twenty Skeight (PTY) LTD and director @ Eduskeight NPO 207-430…

    a basic timeline between myself and the City about the construction process of Woodstock Skate Park.

    22nd November a Public meeting was held at woodstock hall where we met Osman Damon and Sue-anne Verhoog who was representing the City in the transport and urban development department, they explained to us who won the tender (Smec Engineering) and how it was awarded , Osman and Sue-anne said they are engineers involved from the City side to ensure the skate park gets build correctly as that was a concern from the skateboard community from the beginning.

    The Letter attached below was sent to Dave Bryant the 9th March to highlight a few details of the facility, our concerns and suggestions. Dave responded by referring Osman who scheduled on the 22nd March where by he explained to Shuaib the tendering process however he could not explain that the only factor that was missing between the tender to have the skate park designed as to when the construction tender was awarded was the fact that it did not in-cooperate a Skateboard consult as it did when it was designed.Osman Stated that there was no budget to involve a skateboard consultant.

    On 9th April some concerns arose about the laborers that were working on site were not from the Woodstock community , Byron Auret from Smec Engineering failed to respond and clarify if the laborers were from Woodstock or the sub councilors database no names and ID numbers were produced.

    2nd May Joseph from the contracting company had contacted us stating they do not know how to apply the metal coping to the skate park bowl, we then sent a email out to all parties involved. 3rd May Osman replied ensuring us by means of word of mouth that they are able to complete to project up to standard. 16th May a email was sent out to all the parties involved in request of the deadline date for skate park completion. 19th May Shuaib did a site visit and noticed they laid concrete. a quick inspection a numerous errors were notified.

    21st May 2018 Shuaib gave Osman a call stating that he had identified numerous errors, Osman said all parties involved are having a site meeting and that Shuaib should attend at 11;00am

    Latest meeting with the City of Cape Town Transport and Urban Development department personal Osman Damon and Sue-anne Verhoog, Smec Engineerings Deon Nel and Byron Auret and Shuaib Philander CEO Twenty Skeight (PTY)LTD , Director Eduskeight NPO 207-430 and National Skate Collective (NSC) representative…

    Osman asked Shuaib to Lead the site meeting. Shuaib did a walk through and quickly identified that the skate park bowl was hand molded and not shaped with a wooden frame, the ramp does not have any consistency from beginning to end, the metal copping is embedded into the surface of the ramp, the surface does not attach itself correctly to the point where the ramp begins, ramps built at a 45degree angle and forming a embankment instead of replicating a concrete wave e.t.c. Were just some of the examples made by Shuaib to Osman and the team. Osman then stated they followed the design and only small changes could get made he then requested how would it get fixed and Shuaib stated he would not render his services free of charge. Osman requested that the team go to the security booth to speak. Osman then stated how the tender process was awarded again and also stated there was no budget whereby shuaib stated that he has been trying to communicate with them for months about the dangers of not having a skateboard consultant as part of the program and felt its unfair as all other parties were profitting and he had to clear up their errors for free, Quoted by Osman Damon ” The City will never need a skateboard consultant as part of the program we might as well take any person on the street as they can too identify that there is a bump on the ramp” he then said that Shuaib can decide to help them or not, feeling patronized and be littled for his skill and expertise Shuaib said that he would politely leave and the city can therefore be held responsible.

  • Hi.
    We will make the people aware of this comment should they not see it.
    Thank you

  • The City of Cape Town’s Urban Development Implementation Department consulted with a skateboarding expert during the design phase of the project prior to publically advertising the construction tender. This facility is aimed at low-impact skateboarding. The simplistic design does not warrant a specialist during construction. However, the City does appreciate the feedback from the community.

    The project is still under construction and will not be accepted until the department is satisfied that the construction meets all the necessary approvals.

    The public will notice that some of the structures are being broken down and will be rebuilt. This is because the work was rejected and the contractor must redo these at his cost.

    We thank the community for their interest in this project and we are looking forward to completing a facility that can be used by all.

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