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It is finally here! Cape Town Native. Cape Flats Native.

“Understand where I’m coming from”.

Teez at a only 240 bucks!

Hoodies 350!

Caps 180!

If it needs to be couriered we will offer that too at an extra cost of R50.

The Cape Flats Native was an idea Baydu Adams had many years ago and it’s finally made it to the printing works :)

The website is being constructed as we speak and you should be able to place your t-shirt colour, what your code is  via the website very soon.

For now I’ve created this page here at

You would need to give us the following:

  • T-shirt size
  • T-shirt colour
  • Male or Female
  • Which place would you want on your t-shirt? eg. Cape Town Native. Cape Flats Native. Jozi Native. Umlazi Native etc.
  • Which area code do you want on your t-shirt?
  • How many units would you like?
  • Please note that a courier cost of R50 applies. (Subject to change) This allows the clothing to be dropped off at your place of work or home.

Once you’ve filled in the form please deposit the money into the following bank account:

Baydu Adams Events


Business Cheque Account

Account number: 62304498240
Branch Code : 203209

*Use your name and surname as reference please.

Mail the receipt email to:

The temporary email address is

Hoodies are R350 each and couriered at R50 extra.

Hoodie comes in basic colours

Caps are R180 and couriered at R50 extra.

Watch out for our website which is currently under construction!

The idea is to have any city/town/suburb/location area plus your area code. You tell us and we’ll print it :)

#CapeTownNative #JoziNative #DurbanNative #PortElizabethNative #BloemNative

#SurreyEstateNative #CapeFlatsNative #ElsiesRiverNative #NyangaNative #KwadwesiNative #UmlaziNative #MdantsaniNative #SowetoNative #CampsBayNative #GalvendaleNative …you name it!

Thank you for showing an interest in this initiative. I think it’s high time the world sees how proud we are to be where we’re from! :)

Baydu Adams

Cape Flats Native


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