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The much anticipated High School Jam returns to GrandWest for the seventh consecutive year in August 2017. Over 1 200 teenage performers from ten Western Cape Schools will be part of this year’s talent show at the Grand Arena on 19 and 20 August 2017. The participating schools for 2017 are Bridgetown High School, Elsies River High School, Goodwood College, Milnerton High School, Alexander Sinton High School, Sans Souci Girls High School, Wynberg Girls and Wynberg Boys High Schools, Parel Vallei High School and Fairbairn College.

For the first time, High School Jam introduces the KFM Singer Songwriter Challenge which invites unsigned singers and songwriters between the ages of 16 and 26 years to write and sing an original song that inspires unity.

Since its inception in 2011, the High School Jam has provided a platform for showcasing young performers’ talents, uniting teenagers from different schools and backgrounds through music, song and dance on the Grand Arena’s world class stage. Simultaneously, teenagers develop self esteem and self belief through the support and mentorship of producers, choreographers, facilitators and industry specialists. Grown to be one of the most respected schools’ talent competitions in the Western Cape, High School Jam attracts capacity crowds every year. Continue reading

A new system, comprising base radios and applications like WhatsApp, Telegram and Link, allows over 76 neighbourhood watches across Cape Town to relay incidents, post warnings or request emergency assistance and has already helped prevent the sexual assault of a young woman. A demonstration of the communication tool was held in Goodwood earlier today. Read more below:

Hundreds of members from 79 neighbourhood watch organisations around the city now have quicker access to professional assistance and are able to relay incidents and request emergency assistance much faster, thanks to an application which allows for an easier flow of information between members and the City of Cape Town’s control centre.

It is anticipated that as the system is refined and the interaction between the uniformed services and neighbourhood watch organisations improves, many more neighbourhood watches will be brought on board so that none of the estimated 50 000 neighbourhood watch members are left out of the loop.

Over the last decade, the City has invested millions of rands in developing neighbourhood watch organisations through training of thousands of patrollers, recruiting neighbourhood watch patrollers into the Law Enforcement Auxiliary Service (the City’s own police reservist force), partnering with neighbourhood watches to install and share information between CCTV camera networks, and providing equipment like jackets, torches and bicycles, hand radios and radio base stations for their watch rooms. Continue reading

Today,  I joined the City of Cape Town’s Water Inspectorate in officially kicking off the installation of water management devices to restrict high consumption households across Cape Town.

The latest measure as part of our drought interventions comes as all households consuming over 20 000 litres per month were warned to reduce their consumption. Inspectors began visiting the users in excess of 60 000 litres per month and issued further warnings.

In July, as part of Level 4B water restrictions, the City issued a directive in terms of the Water By-law which empowers the City to install water management devices on premises where the water usage is unjustifiably excessive with respect to the restriction level.

The directive stated that in the event of non-compliance with Level 4b water restrictions and the 87 litres per person per day target, the City will, in terms of Section 36(4) of the By-law, at its discretion, install water management devices at premises where non-compliance is occurring. Continue reading

In preparation for Heritage Month, please join Emile YX? and 28000 other South Africans in honouring 371 people 
on the  “So-Called Coloured / Mixed Heritage Appreciation” Facebook group. Please suggest more people to add to the group.  
A year ago, Emile YX? won the LeadSA National Award and immediately realised that his own community did not celebrate their own greatness. No Award ceremonies, no bedtime stories, no urban myths, no mentions in school books of the great people that contributed to our history and these were schools in the Western Cape, where the so-called coloured / mixed heritage community were the majority. I suddenly realised that while people kept saying that we would have less drug addicts, less drug dealers, less gangsters if we had more role-models, no one was documenting or celebrating them in one place. I was initially only going to run 31 heroes for the month of March and soon people were asking for more. So I promised 365 people for the year. We are now at 371 people.
I immediately I realised that a community without heroes or knowledge of their own contributions to the liberation struggle from before the very first arrival of the colonial forces 600 plus years ago, to the liberation struggle of the last 100 years or so by the ANC, UDF, PAC, etc. All these people were not mentioned anywhere in the libraries, school books, etc and thus far only Coline Williams & Robert Waterwitch got a statue in Athlone, while Ashley Kriel, Anton Fransch, Peter Jones, Dulcie September, Neville Alexander, Imam Haroun, Autshumoa, Krotoa, Louis Van Mauritius, Galant, Basil February, Alex Laguma, Peter Abrahams, Harold Cressy, Reggie September, Zelda Benjamin, Tony Cedras, Abdullah Ibrahim and the rest of the 371 people mentioned on this group, can unfortunately not be found collectively in any other place, celebrating our communities greatness versus the ongoing media stereotype perpetuated from slavery to colonialism and now, neo-colonialism. Even when I did a search online, I found nothing.

Continue reading

GrandWest is the launching pad for British adventurer, television personality and travel journalist, Charley Boorman’s next African motorcycle adventure in August 2017. Before heading off on his epic 10 000 kilometre motorcycle tour from Cape Town, Boorman will present his Charley Boorman Live show at the Market Hall, GrandWest on 28 August 2017.

Boorman’s live show has toured the United Kingdom and Australia with great reviews from audiences. The show at GrandWest promises a fun and entertaining evening of anecdotes and video clips tracing his life as a boy back in Hollywood through to his Long Way Round exploits with actor Ewan McGregor. The show ends with an interactive question and answer session with the audience, book signings and photo opportunities.

“Boorman and his team have chosen Cape Town as their home base while they prepare for their 10 000 kilometre tour across Africa and we are pleased to provide the stage for his live show, which is a treat for his local fans,” says Elouise Matthys, PR and Promotions Manager at GrandWest. Continue reading


At the Council meeting in May this year, I announced a new strategic approach to the drought: building water resilience. It signalled a new approach to risk and a new appreciation of the unpredictability of the impacts of climate change.

Over many decades, engineers and planners built the water supply infrastructure in Cape Town and in the surrounding areas that has served us well. This infrastructure and the associated water management techniques have previously navigated Cape Town through drought periods. The drought we are currently experiencing is the most stubborn, intense and protracted in recent history. Prior to the onset of the drought, the City was using water well under its registered allocation determined by the National Department of Water and Sanitation. Despite our population growth almost doubling since 1996, our water demand has remained relatively flat.

As a proactive government, we have had water restrictions in place since 2005, which were intensified from the beginning of 2016 – over 20 months ago. These restrictions have become progressively tighter, which is the accepted technique of matching demand with availability during extended periods of low rainfall. Without these restrictions, Cape Town may have run out of water by this time.

Up until May this year, the City’s approach to responding to the drought was based principally on driving down demand and supplementing supply with limited new augmentation schemes. The approach, based on projections from hydrological and dam modelling, had worked in the past. It did not provide us with sufficient confidence on this occasion. Continue reading

Presented by The Waterfront Theatre College

23 August – 2 September 2017

The Masque Theatre, 37 Main Rd, Muizenburg

Inspired  by Hollywood Motion Pictures, the Waterfront Theatre College  presents Cinematic Motion, a dance compilation of  many favourite  exciting movie moments. From Tap to Broadway and Classical to Cabaret, the varied origianl choreogrpahy is  by Shona Brabant, William Jones, Marguerite Jones, James Bradley, Simone Marshall and Brigitte Reeve Taylor.  The season runs from 23 August to 2 September 2017 at the Masque Theatre, Muizenburg, Cape Town.

With 50 dancers and 500 costumes, the production showcases  movies  such as ‘An American in Paris’, ‘Chorus Line’, ‘Romeo and Juliet’, ‘Twilight’, ‘The Danish Girl’ and ‘The Nightmare before Christmas’.

In addition to highlighting the best of the college’s dance faculty, Cinematic Motion is a fundraiser for The Waterfront Theatre College Bursary Fund which supports the future generation of young Artists. All dancers in the show  are first  to fourth year students.

Performances are Wednesday to Saturday 23 August – 2 September at 20:00 with Matinee Performances on Saturday 26th August and 2nd September 15:00.  Continue reading

15 August 2017

Train cancellations in the Western Cape, have risen from 3% in October 2015, to well over 15% by July 2017.

This sharp rise is extremely alarming and I will therefore be submitting a parliamentary question to the Western Cape Minister of Public Works and Transport, Donald Grant, in order to ascertain what measures PRASA will be putting into place to improve the reliability of the Metrorail service in the Western Cape.

Railway remains the backbone of commuter public transport in the Western Cape, however, it is continuously unreliable. Currently, more than 620 000 passengers make use of Metrorail across the Province, equating to 48% of the total commuter traffic. At today’s Standing Committee on Transport and Public Works, PRASA briefed the Standing Committee on the current state the Metrorail Service.

Crime remains a massive hindrance with regards to Metrorail’s ability to be more efficient. In October, 2015, train punctuality, or the percentage of trains on time, was at 80%. However, in July 2017 train punctuality dropped to approximately 65%. During the same period, 101 train coaches were lost due to damages sustained by fire, equating to as much as R312 million. Continue reading

Drought crisis: please reduce water flow to your property

The City of Cape Town informs all water users that they can adjust the water-isolating valves (stopcocks) on their properties to reduce the flow rate and save water. Water consumption remains dangerously high and the City must use all means available to get down to 500 million litres of collective usage per day. Read more below:

Dam storage levels are currently at 31,1%, with useable water at approximately 21,1%. Collective consumption for the past week was 610 million litres per day. This is 110 million litres above the target of 500 million litres per day. As such, residents are requested to please adjust their stopcocks to reduce the flow of water to their property. Furthermore, all residents are encouraged to hold each other accountable when it comes to water wastage and to report contraventions of the water restrictions.

Pressure adjustments on bulk supply lines have helped to reduce consumption over recent months, and it is hoped that significant further reductions could be achieved if residents also reduce flow through the private-side isolating valve. Residents are advised that the City is intensifying its pressure reduction programme. From this week, the City will be lowering the water pressure in its reticulation network to about 2 bars at the critical control points in the various supply zones across the metro (see photos above).

Further details of the City’s Water Resilience Plan will be announced by the City’s Executive Mayor, Patricia de Lille on Thursday 17 August 2017. Continue reading

Devdondidit, Wayne McKay, David Johnson, Charles Tertiens, Baydu Adams and Siv Ngesi with the Juvie Boy Entertainers 2016. Pic:

Devdondidit, Wayne McKay, David Johnson, Charles Tertiens, Baydu Adams and Siv Ngesi with the Juvie Boy Entertainers 2016.


The City of Cape Town has approved R6,1 million in funding support to the minstrel events and Malay choirs this year.

The City will support six associations to host events, including Tweede Nuwe Jaar, other minstrel tournaments, and the Malay choir competitions.

The City’s support to these events is in line with our commitment to building an inclusive city by supporting events which bring people together. Each year the events resonate with families and communities across Cape Town as thousands of people, including tourists, fill the streets to watch the colourful and entertaining marches.

The City’s support will also allow communities to showcase our rich cultural diversity, while creating employment opportunities in the garment-making, events, catering and transport industries.

The City will transfer R4,1 million in cash to the associations and provide R2 million in support services. City-owned venues will be made available at no cost to the associations.

All requests for the funding were received through the City of Cape Town’s event support application system and were considered by the Special Events Committee (SpevCo) within their delegations or recommendations for support to Council.

The City took into account the Constitution, the Municipal Finance Management Act, the Prevention of Organised Crime Act, the City’s Credit Control and Debt Collection Policy, and other considerations when they reviewed the applications.

After deliberations at the SpevCo meeting, the City proposed financial support to each association as follows: Continue reading

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