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Guest Bloggers #GB

IMG-20191104-WA0048Will this haunt me forever?

A dark cloud looming at the foot of the rainbow…

Walking footsteps of hesitation

100 self help blog posts later
10 000 prayers
50 missed opportunities
500 attempts to smile
20 mornings spent in bed thinking
2 broken hearts
3 silent cries for help

The sun hiding behind the clouds…waiting
Standing at a red traffic light.

Hooting at the traffic light, looking at the driver in the car next to me.
A strangers smile
Pausing for a moment, embarrassing the warmth of the sun on my skin and the sudden burst of pure happiness.
I laugh and realise how thankful I am.

It might haunt me, but there are so many reasons to smile.

Turning up the volume on the radio, singing out loud, dancing in my car. No anxiety in sight.

I smiled
I lived in the moment
I danced
I was happy
I didn’t hesitate
I asked for help
I prayed, I prayed hard
I made that doctors appointment

I continued to smile

Most importantly I found redemption and healing in a simple smile.

By Candace Conradie @CandylandSA (Twitter and Instagram)

The words flowing from my pen shoot like bullets to target your  unawakened soul. 

What is your purpose? I ask you again. What is your purpose?  

Is your purpose linked to what is deep routed in your heart or is it just a carbon copy of the Instagram post you saw. 


Get lost in it for second. 

Thinking back to the days when all we thought about was playing outside with our friends, waiting for our moms to call us inside when the street lights came on.  

We realise that life is simple. 
Looking at the world through the eyes of child gives us so much perspective. 
Why? Why? Why?  
We used to question everything… now all we seem to do is sit back watch others define what the wrongs and rights are. 

But why? The 5 year old in me is constantly asking why?  

The words flowing from my pen shoot like bullets to target your  unawakened soul. 

Are you awake yet, I ask you are you awake? 

You can follow Candace on Twitter @CandylandSA

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*DISCLAIMER– I am not a personal trainer or a nutritionist. What is written below is my personal views on what works for me, and what could possibly work for you.

Hi loves!

Let me just make it clear that YOU ARE YOUR ONLY COMPETITION– don’t ever forget this.

So many have been asking me what I do in the gym, and I was thinking of starting a YouTube channel documenting my fitness journey. If that is something you would be interested in, let me know!

unnamed-12I was always a very active person. Growing up I took part in sports such as Netball, Cheerleading, Hockey, and of course, my first love DANCING. I used to represent team South Africa through dance with my crew Basic Black during 2014-2015, but because I had to concentrate on my final year I had to give up dancing. As a result, I started being less active and began to see a difference in my energy levels and my body started losing form. I then decided that enough is enough and joined the gym at my university.

I gym 3 times a week, because that is the only days I have classes at university. However, I do incorporate daily cardio by running with my dog; and sometimes do home workouts/yoga.

My fitness goal is just to be toned and healthy. I plan to achieve my goal by working a different part of my body each day. Continue reading

Its that time of the year again, we have all packed away the gloomy thick and layered winter clothes and we are preparing for the new season. The weather has already showed up to the party and its time we do the same too.

I have decided to do a Fashion Friday post this week and will cover the men’s must have essentials for the Spring Summer 2016 season. The essentials items are a must for every guy this time of the year. So check out the list below:

  • The Headwear

The headwear is a must-have item for the season, especially on those hot summer days to the beach or that countless hours spent out in the sun. The headwear can range from the typical bucket hat, the fitted cap, the straight peak or a more classic approach with the fedora styled hat. It’s a fashion essential but it could also be used just to finish off your look

  • The Shades

unnamed-8The shades, this is a no brainer at all for this time of the time and more importantly the season that is Spring Summer. The shades are abit tricky to recommend as they are all different in shapes and size, and all based on the best look for you. The key essentials are basic frame and neutral coloured, with an option for the more crazier funky and bold styles.

  • The White-Tee

The fitted white tee-shirts are one of, if not the most important essentials on the list. A host of sales for t-shirts will take place in the summer and it is time to take advantage of the slim and muscle fitting styles. The white tee can give off a relaxed look and are incorporated into many designer labels 2016 fashion books, you maybe also layer the tee with a check shirt or a light bomber jacket for the nights out. Continue reading

I stopped counting when I reached to driver’s test number 10 and failed. Each time I went to “pass out,” I would get anxious because I was afraid of what’s to come. I knew I wanted to get my driver’s test and I knew I had to do it, even if it meant me failing 100 times.

I remember on the second time I failed, I couldn’t help but cry my heart out. My eyes swelled with tears as I approached home. I told my dad the news and went to my room to let it out. While crying, my dad popped in the room and told me Mr. Kentucky’s story.

Apparently Colonel Harland Kentucky tried to sell his recipe to restaurant owners after he was retired and in need of money. He got 1009 “no” before he got a “yes”.

I didn’t want to hear that story, because it didn’t help me. It was however an interesting story to hear. Sometimes an interesting story allows you to forget about yourself and focus on something or someone else. At the time, I didn’t want to be like Mr. Kentucky and fail my driver’s 1009 times. Continue reading



So lately, I’ve been a bit of an addict of our local comedy scene. I don’t think I will ever go back to being excited about The Jive Comedy Festival if our local stand-ups are not part of it.

At The Cape Town Comedy Club, there is just this VIBE that you don’t get anywhere else. From the friendly clients/patrons, to the awesome & very efficient staff & new manager “Leanne” to the famous soldier at the door, Bruno, who always greets us with a warm friendly hug to the security outside.

Now, my favourite subject….food..let me start with the peri peri chicken livers (there’s a new chef so make sure you ask for HOT if you want a lekker tang) are AMAZING! Their wings are better than Sticky Fingers’. Their calamari is also really good! I wish I can mention more dishes but I am the type of person to order the same damn things all the time, especially if it’s REALLY good!

Lastly, happy hour for most of the evening, where Leane suggested we try the Tequila gold with orange slices sprinkled with brown sugar. TRY IT!!!!!

Then we met the owner on Saturday night, as down to earth as ALL the comedians on stage, Kurt Schoonraad. Awesome and VERY FUNNY GUY!

So anyway, I’m just going to leave this here. No I don’t get paid to do reviews, no I was not prompted to do reviews, but I love giving credit where it’s due. So please, do go out & support local comedy (local anything , where possible) and I promise you, you will be HOOKED!



*Lynn is a Guest Blogger #GB so if you are keen to give it a shout let Baydu know 🙂

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