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Nelly’s Fitness Stuff

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“Your body has a right over you” Nabi SAW

I’d just like to start off saying I apologise if I’ve made any mistakes and pray Allah forgives me if I have done so. My intention is purely for the education and up liftment of my brothers and sisters. I’ve tried to make the article as clear and concise as I could.

  1. Hadith pertaining to Exercise
  2. Fasting and exercise


Prophet Muhammad PBUH, said, “Any action without the remembrance of God is either a diversion or heedlessness excepting four acts: Walking from target to target [during archery practice], training a horse, playing with one’s family, and learning to swim.”[At Tabarani]

So when looking at this hadith, we see The Nabi SAW mention that not being in remembrance of Allah is allowed only during certain activities. When we review these activities we see that all of them include movement or exercise. To me this speaks volumes about our Nabi SAW’s priorities and what he deemed- good for us. It is clear as day that exercise is an extremely important part of life to him and that one’s family should also be included in these activities. Instead of just being sedentary with one’s family, one should be doing activities with them. Continue reading

13106490_10153556584516938_1751667100_oSo winter is upon us and we have all sorts of transitioning occurring. We have people getting into relationships they’ll regret come summer [because “cuddle” (???!!!!)], we have party animals going into hibernation because that’s what some animals do during winter…

We have some people becoming morbidly depressed and we have others throwing their health and fitness goals out the window. Yup, that’s what South Africans tend to do… Come winter they no longer aspire for the same things they aspired to a mere couple of weeks ago. As if the temperature plays such a role in your life that you would really let it dictate to you what you want for yourself. As if the abundance of sunshine or the lack there of would alter your very perception on life? Continue reading

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