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Today, I am pleased to announce the City of Cape Town has, through its support of Wesgro and special-purpose small- and medium-sized enterprise (SME) vehicles, facilitated R1.2 billion worth of investment during the first few months of 2018.

In addition, the City’s support of sector-specific interventions ensured that 1 380 job opportunities were created and 274 people were trained between January and March 2018.

These results are proof of our efforts undertaken in line with the Organisational Development and Transformation Plan’s goals to ensure economic inclusion.

Cape Town is steadfast in its commitment to build an opportunity city where the economy thrives and employment grows each year. The City has identified priority sectors with the potential to grow and develop the city’s economy. These sectors include information communication and technology (ICT); business process outsourcing (BPO); craft and design; clothing, textiles and fashion; and renewable energy, among others.

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The City of Cape Town’s Water and Sanitation Department will be completing work on a part of the water supply network feeding parts of Brackenfell this evening, 17 May 2018. It is expected that the water supply to the area will be disrupted between 20:00 on 17 May and 05:00 on 18 May 2018 to facilitate the work.

The affected area is bordered by Frans Conradie Drive (M25) to the south, Brackenfell Boulevard (M100) to the west, Okavango Road (M137) to the east, and the N1 to the north.

Careful consideration has been given to the planning of this work to ensure minimal disruption to the water supply in the affected area.

The water supply network across the City is divided into reticulation zones which are smaller and much more manageable sections of the large network for purposes of maintenance and upgrades. This work forms part of the City’s Water Demand Management Plan and will significantly reduce the occurrence of pipe bursts and subsequent water losses.

Residents are advised to store water in clean sealed containers for domestic use during this period. Please also ensure taps remain in the off position to prevent damage to property and water wastage if supply is restored ahead of schedule.

The City regrets any inconvenience caused.

The MyCiTi service resumed operations this morning, 15 May 2018, after buses were grounded for nearly a month due to the nationwide strike action affecting the South African bus industry. The City expects that the buses on most of the routes will soon operate on schedule as the service settles in. Read more below:

The vehicle operating companies operating the MyCiTi service informed the City that about 80% of the buses were on the road during the morning peak hour period. Minor delays were experienced on some of the MyCiTi routes. However, it is expected that the service will be operating on schedule within the next 24 hours, if not sooner.

The City wants to inform those commuters with monthly MyCiTi tickets that they will be reimbursed for the number of days that they could not make use of the service due to the strike action and which resulted in the buses being grounded.

According to the City’s records, up to 1 184 commuters may have to be reimbursed.

The monthly ticket holders are advised to please complete a reimbursement form that will be available at some of the MyCiTi station kiosks as from 26 May 2018. Monthly ticket holders are requested to please submit their reimbursement forms by 4 June 2018 at the latest.

The reimbursement forms will be available at the following MyCiTi station kiosks: Continue reading

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Johannesburg – South Africa has withdrawn its ambassador to Israel following deadly protests on the Gaza border that saw dozens of Palestinians killed by Israeli troops, the Department of International Relations and Cooperation said on Monday.

Earlier, reports emerged that at least 41 Palestinians were killed by Israeli gunfire in the latest in a round of protests dubbed the “Great March of Return”, health officials said.

It was the highest Palestinian death toll in a single day since a series of protests began at the border with Israel on March 30 and since the 2014 Gaza war.

The health officials said 900 Palestinians were wounded, about 450 of them by live bullets.

Dirco in a statement condemned the “latest act of violent aggression” carried out by Israeli troops.

“The South African government condemns in the strongest terms possible the latest act of violent aggression carried out by Israeli armed forces along the Gaza border which has led to the deaths of over 40 civilians.

“The victims were taking part in peaceful protests against the provocative inauguration of the US embassy in Jerusalem. The latest has resulted in scores of other Palestinian citizens reported injured, and the wanton destruction of property.”

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Since the tabling of the City’s draft budget for 2018/19 in March, further examination of the budget proposals by City officials and councillors has led to a reassessment of the budget proposals for the Water and Sanitation Department. The overall increase in the Department’s budget requirement has been reduced from 26.96% to 19.9%. This has been achieved primarily by rephasing the New Water Programme, including the savings which will result in the current financial year.

After careful and intense consideration of a record 40 000 comments which were received on the proposals in the City of Cape Town’s tabled (draft) budget, as well as various portfolio committee meetings, workshops and discussions, the reduced revenue requirement has resulted in substantial changes to the proposed water and sanitation tariff increases to be proposed for Council’s approval of the final Budget on 30 May 2018.

Among others, certain proposed domestic, non-indigent water tariff increases have been reduced:

  • Step 1 (less than 6 kl water usage per month): from 55,16% down to 10,10%
  • Step 2 (more than 6 kl but less than 10,5 kl water usage per month): from 6,26% down to 0%

Among others, certain proposed domestic non-indigent sanitation tariff increases have been reduced:

  • Step 1 (less than 4,2 kl per month): from 78,71% down to 9,87%
  • Step 2 (between 4,2 kl and 7,35 kl per month): from 23,74% down to 0%

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Our collective consumption over the past week was 554 million litres of water per day. This is a 6,7% increase from consumption of 519 million litres last week. It places Cape Town 104 million litres above the usage target of 450 million litres per day that the National Department of Water and Sanitation has set as a requirement. 

Although there has been a slight increase in dam levels of 0,5% to an overall level of 21,4% as a result of some rainfall and lower evaporation rates, we need to continue to stretch the remaining water in our dams as we simply do not know how much rain we will receive over the winter months. As of this morning, our dams are just 0.1% below our water supply level on the same day last year.  This is an incredible achievement of water saving by the people of Cape Town, given that the dam levels at the start of the year were at 31% compared to 46% last year.

We do know that the majority of our water users are doing their best to lower usage to 50 litres per day to get to the requirement of 450 million litres, but there may be a bit of complacency creeping in. I would like to call on all Capetonians to remain on course with their savings efforts. As Cape Town has shown the rest of South Africa and the world already, we are capable of meeting challenges head-on and pulling together to do what is required.

From the City’s side, we continue to work 24/7 to help keep Day Zero away.

In addition to our internal water-saving efforts and our advanced pressure management programme, which is saving approximately 52 million litres of water per day, the water resilience programme will bring more of our augmentation projects online over the coming months. However, we still do not know how much rainfall we are likely to receive over the winter season, so we simply cannot afford to relax our savings efforts.

We encourage all of our water users who are living the #50LitreLife to show their commitment to saving our precious water by getting a free profile picture at

Please visit for all water-related information.

The City of Cape Town wants to inform all commuters that the MyCiTi service will operate again as from tomorrow, Tuesday 15 May 2018. Read more below:

The City has been informed early this evening that a wage agreement was reached and that the nationwide strike action affecting the South African bus industry has ended.

As such, the MyCiTi service will resume operations as from tomorrow morning, 15 May 2018.

Please note that it will take several hours for the service to settle in and commuters should expect some initial delays on their routes. However, we do expect that most of the buses will be complying with the normal time schedules on the majority of the routes in the latter part of the day.

The City will be monitoring the situation, and will provide commuters with updates as far as possible.

Commuters are also advised to visit the MyCiTi website on for regular updates; and to follow us on Twitter @MyCiTiBus; or to phone the Transport Information Centre on 0800 65 64 63 – the TIC is available 24/7.

Settlement has been reached in the national bus strike and Golden Arrow Bus Services will therefore lift the enforced lockout at 0h00 tonight. Golden Arrow will institute all measures to facilitate the restoration of scheduled services, however, due to the short notice; all staff members may not be timeously informed of the end of the strike.

Whilst the Company will endeavour to restore all scheduled services, we wish to apologise in advance should passengers experience inconveniences due to the short notice of the resumption of services.

Detailed information regarding the clipcard extension process will be made available shortly.

Golden Arrow would once again like to sincerely thank all of our passengers for their patience and understanding over the last weeks.

Passengers are requested to contact the toll free number of the Transport Information Centre at 0800 65 64 63 for all service related enquiries

In response to the worst drought in the city’s history, the Water and Sanitation Department is expediting the roll-out of pressure management technology to various parts of the water supply network. We thank residents for their cooperation in reducing water consumption thus far, and regret any inconvenience this will cause. Read more below:

The City of Cape Town has identified many areas across the city where the installation of pressure management technology could positively impact water consumption. Contractors have been brought in to speed up the programme.

In order for the pressure management technology to function effectively, it is necessary for the City to determine where water is flowing into a supply zone. This is done by means of a zero-pressure test, where all known inflows into a supply zone are closed with the aim of lowering water pressure to zero. Should water pressure persist within the zone, it tells us that there is another inflow which is not shown on the schematics. During this testing, water supply to properties within the affected supply zone will be disrupted.

Over the coming week, zero-pressure tests will affect water supply in the following areas: Continue reading

Last week Alderman Patricia de Lille applied urgently to the High Court in Cape Town for an interim order reinstating her membership of the DA and as Executive Mayor pending the determination of an application by her for final relief against the DA (which is to be heard on 25 May 2018).

At the completion of proceedings on Friday evening in the urgent application, the Court reserved judgment and indicated that it was not in a position to state when its ruling would be delivered.

However, we were informed this morning that judgment on this matter will be delivered tomorrow (15 May 2018) at 13:15.

If the Court had required substantially more time to deliberate, then it would have been in the best interest of the City for a mayoral committee to be announced as soon as possible to provide leadership in the interim. However, given that the judgment will now be delivered within a day, I have resolved to postpone the announcement of the Mayoral Committee.

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