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This week I am leading a delegation of business people to Turkey in order to promote Cape Town as an investment destination and to grow the market for locally produced goods and services in Turkey.

Connectivity between Cape Town and Turkey has been improved through the recent commencement of flights by Turkish Airlines between Cape Town and Istanbul.
This provides an opportunity for business people in each location to do business with considerably more ease, while also increasing the number of seats bringing tourists to Cape Town.

The Turkish Airlines flights to Cape Town are a catalyst for increased economic opportunities for people in Cape Town.

It is important that local business people create connections with counterparts in Turkey in order to exploit these opportunities fully. Continue reading

This weekend the City of Cape Town’s Traffic Service put a stop to illegal drag-racing operations in Bellville and Belhar, while Law Enforcement impounded its first two trucks in terms of the amended Integrated Waste Management By-law. Read more below:

During operations over the past few days, City traffic officers issued a total 2 216 fines and arrested 24 suspects for various offences.

On Sunday 28 August 2016, the City’s Traffic Service closed down Robert Sobukwe Road in Bellville South to prevent an illegal drag race involving 200 vehicles – 14 of which were suspended for not being roadworthy.

In operations held on Nelson Mandela Boulevard, Hospital Bend, Upper Warwick Street, Searle Street, Albert Road and De Waal Drive, officers issued 1 454 fines for various offences. Continue reading

All beach and ocean users are reminded that the presence of great white sharks in in-shore areas increases at this time of the year. Read more below:

The City of Cape Town appeals to all beach and ocean users to be aware of the expected increase in in-shore shark activity over the spring and summer months.

‘Typically, shark sightings start in late August, and continue through to April, with most sightings being reported in mid-summer. We are also asking surfers to be especially vigilant in the areas between Sunrise and Macassar Beach as research has shown that the presence of sharks is extremely common at this time of year.

‘Together with our partner, the Shark Spotters, we will do everything in our power to enhance the safety of beach goers and ocean users over this period. We also urge members of the public to play their part, to be proactive, and to act as their own “safety officers” first,’ said the City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Energy, Environmental and Spatial Planning, Councillor Johan van der Merwe. Continue reading

At 08h42 this morning Western Cape Government Health Emergency Medical Services responded to a house alight at number 45 Victoria Road, Tuscany Glen in Blue Downs. Two people were fortunately able to escape the burning structure just before the roof collapsed.

In an unrelated incident behind the fire department on the corners of NY1 and Govern Mbeki Roads in Gugulethu, a minibus taxi overturned leaving 14 passengers injured and rushed to various medical facilities including Grootte Schuur and Gugulethu Day Hospital by Emergency Medical Services

The City of Cape Town notes with concern that yet another maintenance team, this time a contractor, has been robbed at gunpoint while attending to an overflowing sewer. The incident occurred on Monday 22 August 2016 on the property of the Boundary Primary School in Taaibos Road, Bonteheuwel.

After being called out to deal with an overflowing sewer, the contractor arrived on site to commence overpumping (whereby the blockage is isolated from the network so it can be cleared), but as soon as they began setting up equipment, they were accosted and their valuables and equipment stolen. As a result of the robbery, the repairs and clean-up operations have been delayed until the area is safe.

‘Between the recent attacks on firefighters, the targeting of our clinics by criminals, and now this incident, we feel a renewed call for vigilance and assistance from residents is warranted,’ said the City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Utility Services, Alderman Ernest Sonnenberg. Continue reading

Those living in the Joe Slovo housing scheme who have heeded the City’s call to sign formal lease agreements will have their debt written off. Read more below:

The City of Cape Town took over the management of the 705 Joe Slovo Park units in June 2013 and has since been engaging with the Joe Slovo Committee to formalise their occupancy, but to no avail. Despite attempts to enter into formal lease agreements with the City, the residents repeatedly refused to do so.

Lease agreements not only enable the City to work in a more financially sustainable and formal manner, but are also a prerequisite for the City to attend to normal repairs and maintenance requests from tenants.

The now defunct Thubelisha Homes was responsible for the construction of these flats with funding received from National Government. The City did not oversee the development, nor was it involved in the construction. It took over the tenancy management of the units in 2013. Many occupants, however, live rent-free and refuse to enter into formal lease agreements with the City. The City has, however, continued to attend to repairs and maintenance of a health and safety nature. Continue reading

The City of Cape Town’s Council approved a Freight Management Strategy to ensure that freight transport within Cape Town is safe, efficient and serves the needs of the economy without compromising the access and mobility of other road users, and that freight operators comply with weight regulations. Read more below:

‘Our local and regional economy is firmly vested in global trade and depends largely on road-based transport of cargo to and from the port, airport and between cities and towns. However, as much as the City is responsible for the provision of an efficient and reliable road network, we cannot ignore the impact of road-based freight on Cape Town’s roads and the urban environment. Counting among the effects are carbon emissions, congestion and road accidents. Furthermore, the City spends approximately R1 billion per annum on road maintenance,’ said the City’s Mayoral Committee Member: Transport for Cape Town, Councillor Brett Herron. Continue reading

Indications are that many motorists are finding themselves on the wrong side of the law for misunderstanding fines known as Section 56 notices. Read more below:

The City of Cape Town would like to caution motorists against an increase in warrants of arrest being generated for failure to appear in court – in large part because some motorists appear not to understand the difference between the types of fines issued.

As a result, unsuspecting motorists run the risk of being arrested for unpaid traffic fines.

Traffic enforcement agencies generally issue two types of fines – the Section 341 notice and the Section 56 notice.

A Section 341 notice is issued in circumstances where it is not evident who the driver is, for instance, a parking ticket or an offence captured by means of a camera. For such offences, vehicle owners receive fines in the post. If the fine is not paid, a summons follows with a date to appear in court. Continue reading



Mr Oregan Hoskins announced on Wednesday that he was stepping down as president of the South African Rugby Union after a decade of service and achievement.

Mr Hoskins advised the membership of SA Rugby at a meeting of the General Council in Johannesburg on Wednesday.

“I have enjoyed a remarkable ten and a half years in one of the most high-profile roles in South African sport and have enjoyed some incredible highs,” said Mr Hoskins. “It has been a pleasure and a privilege and I want to thank everyone involved in South African rugby for the fantastic journey we have shared.

“There have also been plenty of challenges to confront but I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way – it’s an indication of how much our sport matters in this country. Continue reading

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