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Our make up blogger went to check out the latest Alistair Izobell production called Huistoe and this is what she had to say…

I had the pleasure of seeing Huistoe at the Artscape Opera house last night for and what an experience it was!

Directed by Alistair Izobell, Huistoe truly is a musical celebration of a huge part of our culture and history that has been completely forgotten sadly. This show allows us to remember our family members who once lived in the former District Six and let’s us appreciate District Six for what it once was.

I can’t even begin to imagine how lost people must have felt being forced out of their homes for no reason, forced to start all over somewhere else, forced to leave your memories behind…although I have heard all about it from my mom who went through it.

Government officials gave four primary reasons for the removals. In accordance with apartheid philosophy, it stated that interracial interaction bred conflict, necessitating the separation of the races. They deemed District Six a slum, fit only for clearance, not rehabilitation. They also portrayed the area as crime-ridden and dangerous. They claimed that the district was a vice den, full of immoral activities like gambling, drinking, and prostitution. Though these were the official reasons, most residents believed that the government sought the land because of its proximity to the City Centre, Table Mountain and the harbour.

If you have not seen the show as yet, you still have a chance to catch the last show taking place this coming Saturday, 30 April 2016 at 11:00 and ticket prices range from R80.00 to R100.00. The show is only an hour long so I’m sure you can squeeze it into your Saturday morning routine, you won’t be sorry.

Hope you found this post interesting.

Till next time,


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The following speech was delivered by City of Cape Town Executive Mayor, Patricia de Lille, at an equipment handover ceremony to the 2015 Neighbourhood Watch of the Year – the Ikamva Peacemakers of Samora Machel.

It is a great pleasure for me to be here today with the real heroes of Samora Machel.

It is always to humbling to watch ordinary residents come to the rescue of the community by joining forces and doing incredible things.

As a Capetonian, I couldn’t be more proud of the Ikamva Peacemakers. Continue reading

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During this summer season, the City of Cape Town’s Wasp Control Team has been working relentlessly to deal with the increasing demand for the removal of invasive wasps nests city-wide. The team has received almost 1 000 more reports than last year. During the current season, over 2 500 wasp nests have already been removed. As the wasp season draws to an end, residents are encouraged to still report sightings of wasps and their nests, which will assist the team with future planning and action. 

As part of the City of Cape Town’s Invasive Species Programme, the Wasp Control Team is making every effort to attend to the increasing number of reports for removals as wasp season comes to an end. Continue reading

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It’s finally coming! Legendary Jan Keizer and Anny Schilder, the original voices of BZN, will be taking to the Silverstar stage for the officialBZN 40 Year Celebration.

During May 2016, the South African public can gear up for a trip down memory lane when BZN’s Jan Keizer and Anny Schilder will perform at Silverstar, accompanied by a world class band. As music icons of the 70’s and 80’s, Jan and Anny received numerous gold and platinum awards for their work.

Their story started back in 1965 when a group of friends from the Dutch town of Volendam started making music under the name of BZN, short for ‘Band Zonder Naam’. Eleven years later they had their big breakthrough with the number one song ‘Mon Amour’, with the fabulous vocals of beautiful Anny Schilder and Jan Keizer as the popular male lead singer. Continue reading

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The Rainbow Early Childhood Development (ECD) Centre is one of two ECD centres built for the City in Masiphumelele by private donors. Read more below:

The City of Cape Town today took ownership of an early childhood development centre in Masiphumelele, built by the Newlands Rotary Club.

The Rainbow ECD Centre is one of two that have been built by private donors in Masiphumelele – at a total cost of R6 million. The first was constructed by the Masiphumelele Corporation (Masicorp) at a cost of R2 million and is already operational, catering to the development needs of 100 children. Continue reading

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The City of Cape Town notes the newspaper report on the written parliamentary reply by the National Minister of Human Settlements which has confirmed that the City handed over the most title deeds of any metro during the 2014/15 financial year. This has largely been as a result of sound management, foresight and great grassroots action by the City and its partners to eradicate the backlog which exists with title deed transfers.

More than half of the approximately 25 000 historic title deeds which were identified for transfer in 2012 have been completed. The City of Cape Town is now focusing on the remaining 10 000 transfers.

These transfers pertain to older housing projects and what makes this process so difficult is that each case has to be addressed individually. It could also involve a combination of factors that have prevented beneficiaries from receiving title deeds, such as unsigned sale agreements or untraceable beneficiaries. Continue reading

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Johannesburg/Lagos: Insane antics, crazy stunts and life-threatening feats of senseless folly are all part of the scenery in Ridiculousness Africa, the new comedy video clip show that will have you gasping into your evening cocoa (MTV, DStv channel 130).

Hosted by small-but-perfectly-formed SAFTA award-winning actor, comedian and TV host,Thomas Gumede, Ridiculousness Africa hunts the length and breadth of the internet on your behalf seeking out the weirdest, the whackiest, and uncontestably the most stupid stunts ever committed to video.  So, if you love to watch people doing strange, unusual and frankly idiotic things in boats, cars, bikes, pools, on trampolines and more, then this is the show for you.

Gumede will be joined by co-hosts, co-conspirators and “Club 808” presenter Boity Thulo and Nigerian comic genius Basketmouth as they laugh, shriek, hide behind the sofa, and generally dissect the jaw-dropping exploits of irrational peeps who just can’t control the urge to do something incredibly stupid in front of a camera.  Continue reading

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An online petition supported by thousands and additional pressure from four local animal protection groups might just get McDonald’s South Africa’s attention to source eggs from cage-free hens in South Africa, despite the popular franchise’s refusal to commit when appeals were made earlier this year. To date, more than 16,400 people have signed the petition.

During September 2015, McDonald’s internationally committed to phasing out battery cages from their supply chain in Canada and the United States within 10 years (following previous animal welfare commitments in Europe, North America and South America). However, corresponding commitments have not been made by McDonald’s South Africa.  Continue reading

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