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The Pregnancy Pact

Wednesday March 16 at 20h45
The Pregnancy Project
Thursday March 17 at 21h00
True Movies (DStv Channel 138)

Teenage pregnancy is the focus of two films to be aired on True Movies – both based on true stories which received global attention.
The first is The Pregnancy Pact to be broadcast on DStv Channel 138, Wednesday March 16 at 20h45.
In 2008, the small fishing community of Gloucester, Massachusetts found itself at the centre of a worldwide media firestorm. There were 18 pregnant girls at the high school-four times the norm-and according to rumour, they weren’t all accidents. When talk of a “pregnancy pact” between the girls surfaced, local gossip transformed into international media fascination overnight. Reporters from all over the world descended upon the town, demanding answers.

The film stars Thora Birch, Madisen Beaty, and Camryn Manheim and uses actual news footage from the time.

The Pregnancy Project (True Movies, DStv Channel 138 on Thursday March 17 at 21h00) tells of an 18-year-old high school student who forces her school and community to confront its preconceptions about teen pregnancy.

When Gaby Rodriguez (Alexa Vega) chooses stereotyping for her senior project, she decides to experience it firsthand. Confiding in her mother (Judy Reyes), her boyfriend (Walter Perez) and a handful of others, Gaby begins her social experiment in which she tells her friends, family and teachers that she is pregnant. While her fake baby bump continues to grow, she carefully records how she is treated and what is being said about her both in and out of school. With her project’s findings conclusive, Gaby emotionally addresses her fellow students and their teachers about stereotyping and teen pregnancy during a special school assembly and then shocks them by ripping off her “baby bump,” revealing she was never pregnant at all and teaching them a valuable lesson.

Says Rodriguez; “I really wanted to do a senior project that would impact my school; I wanted to do something that would not only teach me something but teach my fellow classmates something too.”
There were times she wanted to abandon the project, she says. “Especially with some of the negative comments I was getting and the rumours being started about me. It was disappointing, because I worked so hard my entire life with my education to be the best student I could possibly be, and then all of sudden people thought I wasn’t going to go to college or graduate … or do anything with my life.”

  • True Movies (DStv Channel 138) is dedicated to inspiring true-to-life films from a range of cinematic genres including drama, crime, romance and docu-soaps, mostly based on real-life events.
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