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Brilliant new series premieres exclusively on ITV Choice (DStv 123)
on Friday, March 18 at 21:00

Anyone who watched The Graham Norton Show a few weeks ago would have seen one of Norton’s guests, Tracey Ullman, discussing her new comedy sketch show. Ullman’s interview was followed by a clip which showed the comedienne, looking like a dead ringer for Dame Judy Dench, in a very funny sketch in which Dench was caught shoplifting

Now South African viewers have the chance to watch all six half-hour episodes, when Tracey Ullman’s Show premieres exclusively on ITV Choice (DStv 123) on Friday, March 18 at 21h00. Two episodes will be shown back-to-back each week for three weeks.

The UK is a melting pot of characters and cultures. Each episode of Tracey Ullman’s Show follows some of those characters, sometimes through their day, sometimes for a single moment. The series will feature warm and entertaining characters that are observational and recognisable; truthful, with a dose of eccentricity. Ullman’s unique talents and extraordinary versatility cover the full gamut from everyday people to superstars.Each episode will have what is essentially an ‘A’ plot – its own narrative sketch in a number of parts that follows a character’s misadventures across a day. This story will form the spine of the episode. The bread and butter of the show will be returning characters who reflect the modern world in all its guises, while another key ingredient of the show will be impressions. We’ll see famous faces going about their daily lives, off duty rather than with their public face on.

In short, Tracey Ullman’s Show is a multiple character broken comedy show that shows off the impressionist’s talents to the full, as a one woman comedy dynamo.

The UK critics have been raving with The Telegraph’s Judith Woods saying:
“… it was fabulous. Laugh-aloud funny…. Her Angela Merkel impersonation was priceless: the hair, the trademark suit, the neck set low between the rising shoulders… and the twinkle. Oh yes: Merkel’s tiny, purse-lipped twinkle, the grave assertion that all other world leaders fancy her, her Teutonic swoon when she breathes in the scent left on her jacket by a hug from Obama.

“And then there’s her shoplifting Dame Judi Dench. The prosthetics were so realistic and the mannerisms so perfectly captured – from the almost imperceptible head movements to the flounce of the forgiving kaftan…… It was both affectionate and wicked, as the best comedy should be.”

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