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Profoundly Normal

True Movies 1
(DStv Channel 138)
Monday March 21 at 20h45
In this true story, Donna (Kirstie Alley) is a developmentally disabled woman growing up in Forest Haven, an institution for challenged individuals. She falls for fellow resident Ricardo (Delroy Lindo) and fights to remain strong amid the abusive staff. As the couple grow older, they must adjust to life outside the institution and learn basic life skills. But Donna and Ricardo face the biggest obstacles of their lives when they decide to start a family together.

Safe Harbor

True Movies 1
(DStv Channel 138)
Tuesday March 22 at 20h45
Safe Harbor stars Treat Williams and Nancy Travis as the Smiths, a married Jacksonville couple who volunteered to take in troubled boys on their sailboat more than 30 years ago – and they are still doing it. Neither of the Smiths planned to open a boys’ home in 1984 when they started preparations to sail the country on their yacht after selling Doug’s successful business and retiring early. Before they can begin their adventure, a friend who Robbie knew from her career as child therapist, asks them to look after two teenage boys in trouble. “These couple of boys come into our lives, which subsequently changes the whole direction of our life,” Doug Smith says.

Hidden in Silence
True Movies 1
(DStv Channel 138)
Wednesday March 23 at 19h00
Hidden in Silence takes place in Poland during World War 2 and is based on the true story of orphaned Catholic sisters Stefania and Helena Podgorska, ages 16 and 9, who hid the Jewish Diamant family in the attic of their home during World War 2. Stefania had worked in the Diamant family’s grocery store before the Nazi invasion of Poland. The Diamants remained in the attic for two-and-a-half years and survived the Holocaust. In 1979, the Podgorska sisters were honoured as Righteous Among the Nations by Yad Vashem.

Wicked Love: The Maria Korp Story
True Movies 1
(DStv Channel 138)
Friday March 25 at 19h00
Maria Korp, a suburban wife and mother of two, went missing in early 2005. As she lay dying in the boot of her car, a twisted tale emerged of suburban lies, a philandering husband and the ultimate price paid by all those involved. Wicked Love is the gripping and tragic account of one of Australia’s most complex criminal cases – a suburban thriller of passion, love and betrayal. Korp was reported missing for four days and later found, barely alive, in the boot of her car. She spent a short time in a coma before emerging into a state of post coma unresponsiveness and became a centre of a controversy in Australia. Depending upon their viewpoint, persons characterised the controversy as being about euthanasia or about human rights and protecting people with disabilities. Meanwhile who was the person who had kidnapped her in the first place? Starring Vince Colosimo, Rebecca Gibney, Maya Elliott and Jessica Tovey.

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