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So ladies this is always a tricky one, as there is no one way answer to matching your foundation perfectly and it often entails lots of testing which can get quite tedious if you don’t have the time or the patience.

You will hardly ever find the perfect match to your skin tone in just one bottle (unless you are truly blessed with an all-round even skin tone – lucky you!) and you will often find that your T-panel is much lighter than the rest of your face, of which you will need two different shades of foundation.

If you don’t feel comfortable matching your own foundation – most cosmetic counters usually have makeup/beauty consultants who will gladly assist you with this daunting task. No need to feel intimated – the ladies behind the counter are always very friendly and welcoming and are there to make your lives easier, so just walk in with your shoulders back and your head held high and don’t be afraid to ask for a little help.If you are however up to finding your perfect match yourselves, the best advice I can give you if you are not able to test them in-store before purchasing is to hold the foundation bottle/tube up against your jaw line and try and find the closest match to your skin tone. The reason for this is your foundation is blended from the face to the neck to avoid the harsh line separating your neck and your face, which I see happening ever so often. Blending your foundation down to your neck leaves your overall look a bit more natural and flawless.

Once you have established your overtone, it is also important to consider your undertone and the shade which ‘peeks’ through your skin. Remember to always go for the look which is most natural on you and remember this very important tip: matching your foundation has just as much to do with the application of it as it has to do with the actual colour. So, when you are in the store you don’t remember anything else from today’s post, please remember that very important tip 😉

I hope you found today’s post useful, happy foundation shopping!

Till next time,


Kelly D

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