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Tuesday, 05 April at 9:05PM viewers can look forward to another brand new cutting-edge rural drama this April. The Kingdom- uKhakhayi, set around the intriguing AmaBhaca tribe who predominantly reside in uMzimkhulu and the surrounding areas, premieres on Tuesday, 5 April at 9:05PM on

The Kingdom – uKhakhayi is a rural drama series based on a royal AmaBhaca tribe that was led by Chief Zwelakhe, who is now deceased. The kingdom is currently under the leadership of a paramount chief, Jezebomvu. The drama explores the quest for power by the ruthless and cunning paramount chief. This power struggle leaves the family divided into two camps, one camp is led by the matriarch of the house and the other by Jezembovu. Stories of power struggles, fights for leadership, betrayal, loyalty and backstabbing make for compelling viewing.
The authentic drama explores traditional customs and inner workings of African royalty. Viewers are taken into a horrific world of a family torn apart by an inheritance battle. Devious actions in the quest for power will be exposed.

The series has a good mix of some of the country’s legendary actors as well as new faces that will take the industry by storm. Viewers can look forward to seeing talented stars such as award winning actor Mncedisi Shabangu who plays Jezembovu, Noxolo Maqashalala as Nopasika, Sthembiso “SK” Khoza as Madoda, Tumie Ngumla as Zamampondo, Melusi Yeni as Sabelo, Chumani Pan as Mayenzeke, Tembela Magandela as Noma’Bhaca, Marietjie Bothma as Noxolo and Rod Alexander as Jordaan. The drama also features new kid on the block Wiseman Mncube as Mfanafikile, radio personality Putco Mafani as the Mpondo King and the legendary Nomsa Xaba as Ma’Zulu.

According to Head Writer, Loyiso Maqoma, “The Kingdom – uKhakhayi is a riveting tale about vengeance and the price one ultimately pays for blind ambition. Viewers can expect powerful and intriguing storylines in the fierce battle of the throne.”

“Last year, commissioned its first rural drama, Matatiele and viewers loved it. It felt natural to bring another rural drama that speaks to a broader cultural narrative. The Kingdom – uKhakhayi storyline explores a struggle for chieftancy, it’s about an indigenous tribe and their ruthless battle for the throne. “says Managing Director channels Monde Twala

The rural drama is created by Ingomso Film Skills and Youth Development production house. The production house is co-created by the talented Actor & Producer Dumisani Mbebe, Award Winning Director Zuko Nodada and Mawande Magadla . They have produced a movie called Between Friends and drama series such as In My Father’s Name, Domino Effect and Everyone Is A Suspect.

“The KZNFC is proud to see a 100% Black crew on the uKhakhayi production. This is testament to the fact that there is a new crop of young talent in the industry ready to produce broadcast ready content. This is an extremely important production for us, as it not only showcases the diverse locations in KwaZulu-Natal, but it is a production that is testimonial to the opportunities that exist for filmmakers in South Africa. As a country we have many of our own stories to tell and the resources and support we provide as various government agencies allows for individual dreams to be realised. We urge our filmmakers to embrace storylines that can educate and enhance cultural awareness and social cohesion. “says CEO of KwaZulu-Natal Film Commission Carol Coetzee

Catch the drama as it unfolds in the battle of the throne!

Meet the characters

Nopasika played by Noxolo Maqashalala
As in the case of her husband Jezembovu, status and position is important to Nopasika. She is a haughty woman that looks down on those beneath her. She knows her husband’s history and supports him in his quest to reclaim the kingdom.

Jezembovu played by  Mncedisi Shabangu
Cunning chameleon, Jezembovu is an ambitious man that knows how to play the political game. A charming salesman, master manipulator and a cut- throat competitor. He’s a man that has his finger constantly on the pulse of the community to ensure that he is always popular and has their respect.

Zamampondo played by Tumie Ngumla
Zamapondo is the daughter of the Mpondo King (played by Putco Mafani). The Mpondo nation are situated next to the Bhaca’s and are in the same territory albeit under different kingdoms. She pursued her medical studies at UCT and has since returned to be of service to her people. She’s a doctor at the local clinic. She is an epic hero, a passionate young woman and a doomed romantic lover. She fears not living a purposeful life and being mediocre. She fights for a cause and doesn’t give up.

Nomabhaca played by Tembela Magandela
Noma’Bhaca, even as a child has always been smarter than the adults around her. She finds that she cares more for others than she cares about herself. She’s a girl that has little regard for material possessions. She does have a sense that she’s being called to something far greater than herself. She stands up for what she believes in no matter the cost.

Mayenzeke played by Chumani Pan
Mayenzeke is a playboy, a risk taker, an adventurer and an escape artists. To him, life is one big adventure without limitations or restrictions. He’s the kind of guy that at all times keeps his options open, never wanting to be trapped, cornered or tied down. He’s a guy that always has an escape plan.

Madoda played by Sthembiso Khoza
In anything he does he has to be in charge. Madoda is naturally a boss and an enforcer. He can never be dominated by anyone- he has to be in control. He doesn’t trust easily and can be a ruthless man. He’s a hard man and you either stand with him or against him.

Ma’Zulu played by Nomsa Xaba
Matriarch of the family, Ma’zulu is a hard woman who is a harsh wielder of justice. She’s loved and feared by her people, but there is never any doubt amongst them that she always acts in their interest.

Sabelo played by Melusi Yeni
He is the mediator of the family, doesn’t like confrontation and always strives to keep the peace. He likes to listen to all points of view and consider all sides.

Mfanufikile played by Wiseman Mncube
Mfanufikile is Sabelo’s younger brother and Madoda’s half-brother. He’s an idealist that believes he has something to offer the world. He doesn’t like to compromise or settle and yearns for an opportunity to prove what he is made of.

Noxolo played by Marietjie Bothma
Noxolo is Ma ‘Zulu’s surrogate daughter and helps her in all aspects of her life. She’s bubbly and doesn’t take things lying down. In her true nature, she is an investigator and always wants to know what is going on in her surroundings.

Jordaan played by Rod Alexander
Jordaan is a local priest and Ma‘Zulu’s most trusted ally. He is a noble defender of justice and believes one should always do well to society. He lives to be a good example and challenges everyone to do the same.

Stay tuned to The Kingdom- uKhakhayi on Tuesdays at 9:05PM on The show is also available in HD on eHD channel 104 on OpenView HD as well Channel 194 on DSTV.

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