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While HISTORY’s Pawn Stars SA star Roy Peretz and his team at the Cash Inn can attest to some odd people bringing in even odder objects to pawn, they admit to being unable to compete with their counterparts around the world who lay claim to being on the receiving end of some of the strangest things ever brought into their shops. The top 10 all time weird and wonderful items and experiences include:

The gold fillings of dead relatives
A man who took his glass eye out of his head and put it on the counter and asked how much
One customer tried to pawn a herd of cattle
A guy who tried to sell his toupee.
One lady tried to sell a horse. The selling point of this horse? It had both male and female parts.
This from a pawn shop owner: “I had one lady call me and ask if I wanted her swimming pool… an in-the-ground swimming pool!”
A Noah’s Ark made of lollypop sticks. The guy wanted R7000 for it.
A dolphin themed toilet seat
A vibrator that looked like a bath toy.
A man came in, pawned his wheelchair, and then crawled out to a waiting carWhile Peretz and the team on Pawn Stars SA might not have such bizarre items or customers come into their shop, they do have a very interesting story to tell. Recalls Peretz: “We bought the entire content of a house and removed only the stuff we wanted and told the auction house they could dispose of the rest as they saw fit. But they refused and told us we had to move everything out. So we went back and we were busy moving an old chest of draws when we bumped it against the side of a door and the back fell off and 300 Kruger Rands fell out. An unexpected windfall or what?”

On another occasion Peretz was offered a rather large vibrator which the female customer threw onto Peretz’s desk after first switching it on. “It was bouncing about all over the desk,” says Peretz, “and I just hightailed it out of there as I did not want to touch it.”

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Caption: The Cash Inn’s Roy Peretz in Pawn Stars SA

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