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Protesters participating in the EFF march to the Civic Centre this afternoon, 8 April 2016, illegally occupied four 18-metre MyCiTi buses, forcing the drivers to transport them back to Dunoon. Read more below:

The conduct of some of the protesters participating in the EFF march to the Civic Centre this afternoon is unacceptable. A group of protesters prevented the MyCiTi buses from turning around at the Civic Centre station, delaying the service while law-abiding commuters in the station building were waiting in lengthy queues to board the buses to go home for the weekend.

Some of these protesters eventually forced their way onto four 18-metre buses, intimidating the bus drivers and demanding to be transported back to Dunoon.The City will use the footage taken by the CCTV cameras to identify the suspects and we will lay charges with the local police for illegal trespassing and intimidation.

As much as we respect residents’ right to protest peacefully, we cannot allow the disruption of essential services such as the MyCiTi bus service, or for protesters to intimidate and threaten City staff and other residents.

It is shameful and shocking that the EFF would disrupt public transport services for political purposes. I call on the EFF leadership to conduct their electioneering with discipline and respect for others.

With rights come responsibilities and I once again urge protesters to exercise their rights within the law.

Commuters should expect delays along the MyCiTi T01 and T04 trunk routes to Table View, Dunoon and Century City during the afternoon peak-hour period as Potsdam Road is still closed to traffic at the intersection with Blaauwberg Road and Sandown Road.

As such, the MyCiTi buses operating along the T01and T04 route are currently still turning short at Killarney Terminus until further notice.

Furthermore, due to the volatile situation, three of the stations along the T01 – Usasaza, Dunoon and Killarney – will remain closed until further notice.

TCT and Law Enforcement are closely monitoring the situation and will do so until the situation has returned to normal.

I reiterate that the City will not allow protesters to disrupt an essential transport service and to threaten our personnel. I condemn their illegal protest action earlier this morning at the Stables Depot in Dunoon in the strongest possible terms.

I also want to make it clear that we will do everything in our power to ensure the safety of our passengers and MyCiTi personnel. Other residents from Dunoon and the surrounding suburbs have every right to decent public transport and the City will not hesitate to defend and protect their right to make use of the MyCiTi service unhindered.

The City this afternoon took receipt of a memorandum from the Dunoon Backyarders who participated in the EFF march.

We are studying their memorandum, save to say that there is due processes to be followed when it comes to the disposal of assets, such as land.

We will not give in to anarchy and will provide services within the ambit of the Constitution and the Municipal Finance Management Act.

MyCiTi commuters are requested to please phone the Transport Information Centre on 0800 65 64 63 for the latest updates about the MyCiTi service.

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