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Pic: Kelly Davids

There are many different types of lipsticks out there and a lady truly is spoilt for choice when trying to pick one (luckily, I get to have all of them – evil grin). The type of lipstick you use and also the colour can be used according to your mood or simply the shape of your lips. Today the lipstick market contains an assortment of products with many effects and characteristics. Picking the perfect shade of lipstick is only half the job ladies – when it comes to lipstick, texture is just as important.
Check out the various lipstick textures below:

Many women prefer a creamy texture as it is not too shiny without it being a matte lipstick, cream lipsticks are opaque and they have a really smooth finish. It is usually packaged as a lipstick but you can also get a creamy lip gloss with a felt-tip applicator.

These lipsticks are popular for their more pigmented colour. Matte lipsticks just last much longer than other textures but the superior-quality pigments and the reduced oil content often causes some stain to your lips.

Sheer:This texture simply gives your lips a shiny finish and also moisturises your lips at the same time. It has a very high oil content so it tends to look darker in the tube than it actually does on your lips. These lipsticks need quite a bit of touch-ups throughout the day so keep that it mind.

Many women who have thinner lips absolutely love gloss, as the shiny effect that gloss gives makes the lips appear fuller. You can either wear gloss on its own or over other lipstick textures and it is usually in a liquid form.

So there you have it, let us know what kinda lipstick lady you are – I’m sure you look amazing in all of them!

Thank you for reading and I hope you found this post useful.

Till next time,

Kelly D
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