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Finally got your fitness routine down? Great! Now is the time to improve your beauty routine post-workout.

I must admit that I haven’t been going to gym as often as I normally do, it seems the colder days have made me quite lazy. Summer bodies are however made in winter, so I will try and get back into the swing and keep my gym routine somewhat still in tune.

Below are some beauty products I think are absolute essentials to have in your gym bag – let us know what your favourites are!!!

  1. Something cute to put your amazing beauty products in of course.
  2. The perfect little bottles to fill up with your best shampoos, conditioner, hand sanitizers, etc. Not all products come in travel sizes and you shouldn’t compromise your routine due to the fact that the bottles are too big and heavy.
  3. A gentle face wash suitable for everyday use.
  4. Call me crazy, but I simply am obsessed with Elizabeth Anne’s special baby shampoo as it can be used as a face/body moisturiser, hair conditioner to prevent split ends or as a shaving cream…this is definitely one of my must haves.
  5. Pocket-sized perfume. My personal favourite is the Zara roll-on perfume in Fruity.
  6. To prevent your skin from breaking out, be careful when applying any makeup right after your workout if possible. Mascara won’t touch the face though, so having a good one in your gym beauty bag is a great idea. 
  7. Dry shampoo is an absolute must! We don’t always have time to wash our hair after each workout, which is why dry shampoo is the best thing ever – we definitely don’t want oily, sweaty hair. My dry shampoo of choice is Batiste in Cherry. 
  8. Always remember to keep your lips moisturised, my personal favourite is the Lip Ice chapstick in Summer Melon.

Hope you ladies found today’s post useful.

Till next time,


Kelly D

(feel free to follow me on Instagram @theekellydee or like my Facebook page Kelly D Professional Makeup Artistry for tips, inspiration and latest work)

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