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13106490_10153556584516938_1751667100_oSo winter is upon us and we have all sorts of transitioning occurring. We have people getting into relationships they’ll regret come summer [because “cuddle” (???!!!!)], we have party animals going into hibernation because that’s what some animals do during winter…

We have some people becoming morbidly depressed and we have others throwing their health and fitness goals out the window. Yup, that’s what South Africans tend to do… Come winter they no longer aspire for the same things they aspired to a mere couple of weeks ago. As if the temperature plays such a role in your life that you would really let it dictate to you what you want for yourself. As if the abundance of sunshine or the lack there of would alter your very perception on life?This way of thinking is that of the mindless wandering through life, never knowing where they’re going and what they’re wanting. If you’re going to allow the weather (for no good reason) to alter your mode of life- then you will never get anywhere. I’m not the relationship guru or the expert on psychology so I don’t know about the rest but when it comes to your health and fitness you always have to have consistency.

Here are my top reasons why you should stay fit all year:

  • You live in Africa: You live in one of the hottest driest places on Earth, there’s going to be those sneaky warm summer days popping up when one least expects them. You will just regret letting yourself go!
  • I’m lazy, are you? I’m so lazy that I’d rather prepare for Summer in advance and put little bouts of effort into my prep than to go full out a month before the time. Why stress like that? Consistent, clean eating with cheat meals and consistent training means Nelly doesn’t feel pressured come Spring.
  • Enjoy Summer!: You can’t really enjoy Summer when you’re dieting your arse off, so being in shape means you can feel relaxed and actually be able to appreciate the season rather than feel pressured.
  • Your health: Lest we not forget the most important reason of all… We all want to feel light and energetic all year round. Being healthy means a better quality of life, a better mood, healthier relationships and more likely- a longer life 🙂
  • Keeps you out of trouble. Instead of going out and wasting your money- just go to the gym. Never mind the restaurants, shopping, the days out, wasting time doing anything unproductive or possibly detrimental to your health. Train, get exhausted, go relax.
  • Lastly, self-confidence! You may not look fit per se, maybe you’re skinny by nature or bigger build. Its fine! But being fit and healthy and staying in shape means you will ALWAYS feel TONS better about yourself and rightfully so. Now go get your happiness! Its priceless! J

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