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Are you keen to see your favourite artist perform live and want to be part of making that a reality?

Are you passionate about music, or desperate for your favourite band to perform here? Thanks to a new online crowd sourcing platform you don’t have to wait for it to happen. Concert crowdfunding company Inbound Sound gives music enthusiasts the opportunity to request and see any of your favourite artists, band or entertainer live in concert.

Co-founders Richard Theunissen and Stuart Walsh saw a gap to give South African’s a voice about which acts they want to see perform based on demand. With the recent launch of the company’s official website, fans of any music genre are now able to nominate one or multiple artists of their local or international musician to perform in the city of their choice.No matter what age you are, this platform appeals to any person passionate about the music of their favourite artist. Music is the common language that brings people together and this offering gives fans the choice from Pop, rock, hip-hop, dance, electronic, funk, country, Jazz, R&B, Soul, alternative or even classical music. In recent years popular international acts have flocked to our shores due to their mass appeal topping the music charts across the globe. But what if you had the choice of which artist or band you want to see perform in your own town.

“The idea was inspired by a campaign in the United States town of Richmond, Virginia where fans of the American rock band the Foo Fighters crowdsourced the funds needed to get the band to perform in their home town”, says Theunissen. Without the band’s knowledge fans united to bring the Foo Fighters to the city of Virginia for their first show in over 16 years. When the band heard the news they were willing and agreed to play the unscheduled crowd-sourced show.

Theunissen and Walsh who are massive Foo Fighters fans thought a similar idea could be adopted for the South African market, except the selection of artists will be unlimited. “The concept has been in planning and development over the past two years setting up the operational and technical infrastructure, and now has finally gone Live”, says Walsh.

Unlike huge concert organisers that are drawn to major global artists to perform in large arenas, Inbound Sound allows the opportunity for like-minded individuals who are passionate about music to connect with one another and enjoy concert performances from local, mainstream, niche and international artists.

Inbound Sound plans to work in collaboration with music promoters to bring requested artists to music venues in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban and Pretoria. “We want to give South African music fans a voice about which acts they want to see perform” says Theunissen.

For details on how to get started, individuals can visit to browse the concerts they wish to crowd fund or select their own concert. Nominate the artist they would like to see perform in their city, and pledge an amount from a selected ticketing tier to back that particular artist. “Many South Africans wait patiently for their favourite artist to perform in the country, but don’t have a say on which artists’ concert organisers choose to bring out here,” says Walsh. Inbound Sound hopes to turn that idea around and make it possible for music fans of any genre.

To become part of this exciting new offering, individuals simply need to sign up on Inbound Sound’s website for free and make their request. Users are able to back their artist by choosing from a listed pricing tier the value they wish to pledge towards. This pricing tier will secure the booking ticket for the requested concert. Once the pledging goal for a particular performer is reached based on public demand, will the process begin of getting the artist to perform in the requested city.

If a concert is not successfully funded within a reasonable time frame, individuals will receive their money back. Should a scheduled concert be cancelled for any reason, fans will get a refund on their tickets.

For more information visit for further details.

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