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  • All categories are open to women only
  • Please advise of any allegations against you or your organisation in the past 48 months


  • Female ownership of 20 percent and above (unless otherwise specified)
  • Top female senior management of 10% and above
  • Female board members 20 percent and above


All companies must meet at least four of the following six criteria.

Employee criteria:

  • Minimum 30 percent of overall staff employed are female
  • Skills development expenditure on female employees:
  • 1 – 1.5 percent of NPAT (Net Profit after Tax)

 Socio-Economic Development (SED): Two percent of NPAT spent on community development programmes focused on gender empowerment and job creation for women

Policies: Companies must show that they have implemented policies that create favorable working conditions for women in the workplace (e.g. Extended maternity leave, flexi-hours, aftercare services, etc.)

• All companies must show a turnover above R35-million (unless otherwise specified)

  • All companies must show consistent year-on-year growth



Top Gender Empowered Company: Resources Award
This award is open to all mining, oil, gas, and alternative energy companies that have displayed improvement in gender empowerment.

Top Gender Empowered Company: Engineering Award
This award is open to all gender empowered companies in the engineering, construction, and manufacturing sectors.

Top Gender Empowered Company: Retail Award
Hardline retailers, broadline retailers, soft goods retailers, shopping centres, warehouse/wholesale, distributors

Top Gender Empowered Company: Science Award
The lack of scientists and mathematicians is critical and is slowing the South African economy down significantly. Most large-scale projects     require specialised engineers who are often brought from other countries at great cost. The award in this category goes to the organisation that   is solving the problem with professional training programmes – specifically focused on women.

Top Gender Empowered Company: Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals
Health (hospital management, medical supplies), pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, spas.

Top Gender Empowered Company: Transport and Logistics 
Airlines and airports, rail, road and freight, shipping and ports, import and export, infrastructure, logistics

Top Gender Empowered Company: Energy & Utilities Award 
Submissions in this category must demonstrate the implementation of a cost-effective, innovative alternative product or process through design improvements, source reduction or control that reduces the amount of energy and/or the amount of emissions to air, water or land from a stationary source resulting in reduced environmental impact. The approach must have the capability to be applied to other facilities or products and result in the same or better performance at those facilities or in those products. Demonstrated innovations include publications, applications and widespread use of the innovation that confirms energy use efficiency improvements or emissions reduction on a life cycle basis.

Top Gender Empowered Company: Chemicals & Construction Award
This is a collection of enterprises that produce the refined basic materials necessary for manufacturing consumer goods and that use raw materials from the extractive industry. This award is open to all companies in the construction, milling, and smelting (metal) industries.

Top Gender Empowered Company: Agriculture, Food & Beverages Award
 This award is open to all companies in the beverages, food producers, tobacco and beverages

Top Gender Empowered Company: Fast Growth Woman-Owned SMME Award
 This award will go to an SMME operating only in South Africa that has demonstrated the most success in empowering women in the workplace.

Top Gender Empowered Company: Diversity in the Workplace Award
This company must be able to demonstrate their commitment to diversity and transformation in the workplace. Dimensions of diversity include but are not limited to: age, ethnicity, gender, physical abilities / qualities, race, sexual orientation, educational background, geographic location, income, marital status, military experience, parental status, religious beliefs, work experience and job classification. These companies should be able to show preferential recruitment policies, skills development programmes and the progress they’ve made in transforming their workplace. Companies must showcase how they have improved their Diversity in the workplace for women.

Top Gender Empowered Company: Multinational Award
The award will go to the multinational organisation that demonstrates the strongest results in all spheres of the general criteria. An improvement in gender empowerment status and financial performance will result in a high weighting when reviewing entries for judging.

Top Gender Empowered Company: Civil Society Organisations (CSO) Award
This category will ensure that the women lead CSOs in this sector are awarded for the good work they are doing. The CSOs to be nominated should be shortlisted based on the following

Top Gender Empowered Company: Skills Development Award
This award recognises intensive learnerships and skills programmes that support, for example, youth development and the promotional career awareness for female employees that demonstrate good results in business in all sectors.

This award is open to all companies involved in information technology hardware, and software and computing service industries.

Top Gender Empowered Company: Corporate Citizenship Award
This award recognises a project established by an organisation that demonstrates and highlights the role of businesses in improving the communities in which they operate. This award will recognise those demonstrating the greatest impact on quality of life, economic prosperity or regeneration through direct investment, pro bono work or employee led initiatives. This award also seeks to  demonstrate the link between corporate citizenship and commercial success, from staff engagement and development to reputation and brand awareness.

Top Gender Empowered Company: Investing in People Award
In recognition of the company that has demonstrated significant results of per capita expenditure on female staff through training, education, wellness and health. Areas such as productivity; the ratio of skills procurement vs. Turnover; staff turnover; company policies and procedures will be taken into account.



Top Gender Empowered Company: Top Female Entrepreneur Award
Women entrepreneurs will be recognised for their contributions to the economy and growing employment in their enterprises. This award goes to the woman who demonstrates excellence, ingenuity, achievement, and who is unquestionably a leader in her field.

Top Gender Empowered Company: Top Young Achiever of the Year Award – 40 years and younger
This award highlights the outstanding achievement of a young female executive who has contributed to the organisations’ positive success and performance through innovative strategies and solutions. The candidate for this award is a woman to watch – who has shown great potential to lead, has a proven track record, excellent business acumen, strategic foresight, and will be recognised for their contribution to the economy and growing employment in their enterprises.

Top Gender Empowered Company : Top Woman in Aviation Award
This Award is dedicated to the woman that provides networking, education, mentoring and scholarship opportunities for women who are striving for challenging and fulfilling careers in the aviation and aerospace industries.

Top Gender Empowered Company: Top Businesswoman of the Year Award
This award is reserved for exceptional performance by a senior female executive who has shown leadership, business acumen, and strategic foresight.

Top Gender Empowered Company: Top Woman in Oil and Gas Award 
This award is reserved for a senior female executive who has demonstrated exceptional performance within the oil and gas sector and demonstrated admirable leadership, business acumen and strategic foresight.



Top Gender Empowered Company: Female Public Sector Leader Award (Parastatals and government)
This award goes to the woman working in the public sector who has demonstrated excellence in performance and delivery; and who, through her public profile, has raised the visibility of women in government.

Top Gender Empowered Company: Government Department Award
The Award goes to the Government Department that clearly and effectively demonstrates the highest level of gender empowerment, from staff to suppliers, through its programmes and policies. This Award recognises government departments of outstanding service delivery and a reputation that has achieved substantial accomplishments by providing service to disadvantaged South Africans. The winning government department’s accomplishments should be a shining example for other non-profit organisations.

Top Gender Empowered Company: Parastatal / Agency Award
The Award goes to the public sector entity that clearly and effectively demonstrates the highest level of gender empowerment. An important factor is measurable and accountable leadership that is committed to developing previously disadvantaged individuals in that department.


Top Gender Empowered Company: Business of the Year Award
This award is based on exceptional practices primarily implemented through the HR or transformation divisions within the organisation. Spend and skills de velopment initiatives within the organisation. Demonstrate processes, policies and procedures that increase the employment of women and increase skills development.

Lifetime Achiever Award

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