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Some ladies just have to spend some more time priming and polishing in order to get the perfect look that they want. While every woman is beautiful in her own right, it is no secret that there are some who look like they spend much more time with their beauty routine than others. However, this does not mean that every beautiful woman in the world spends hours getting ready every morning.

Below are just some of my favourite hacks that you can use to help you to look like you spend hours getting ready…

Keep your lipstick off your teeth girl!

Lipstick on the teeth has plagued women for centuries. Nobody likes to smile and find out that they have just flashed the red lipstick on your teeth. There’s such a simple solution which I have personally been using for years now – simply wipe your lips from the inside out, apply your lipstick, stick your finger in your mouth and pull it out. Remember making those “popping” noises when you were a kid? This is the same thing. Your finger will wipe away the excess lipstick and leave your teeth shiny white.

No eye primer? Use some white eye shadow

This is a great option if you really do want your eyes to stand out and the colour to pop a bit more but you don’t have any eye primer. All you have to do is layer your lid with some white eye shadow and then add the colours that you want.

Using your mascara as eye liner

So this is something I have done many, many times. Somehow, when it comes to myself, I always end up packing the freaking eyeliner that is close to being as dry as the Sahara Desert…ridiculous. If you have run out of eye liner and you are in a hurry, you can use your mascara instead. Just rub an eye liner brush over the mascara brush and then line your eyes. The mascara will wash off your eye lids just like it does off your lashes.

Set lipstick to last longer

Lipstick tends to rub off, smudge and otherwise not look as great at the end of the day as it does when you first apply it. Unless you are using a longwearing lipstick, if so then you are fine. For everyone else, you can remedy the problem of lipstick wearing off by placing a tissue lightly over your lips and dusting some translucent powder over the lips on the tissue…this helps to set the lipstick so that it lasts longer.

Brighten your eyes

Using a light, shimmery eye shadow on the inside corners of your eyes will brighten your eyes and can even make you look a bit younger. The lighter colojr helps to alleviate darkness that is normally present on top of the nose area. Just brush a very lightly coloured shimmery shadow into the area whenever you apply your eye shadow.

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