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Motivation is defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary as “the act or process of giving someone a reason for doing something”. So do we really need motivation in order to work out? The answer is yes, unless one makes decisions and actions without a reason. Then why is it so easy to make excuses to avoid a workout?

Most people find any excuse to avoid a workout. Either they’re too tired from work, don’t have time or have other things to do – such as buying groceries or spending time with family. However, there really shouldn’t be any excuse when it comes to such a vital part of health. Exercise shouldn’t be an option, it should be a priority for all of us, as it’s essential to our wellbeing. As Dr. Gaby points out, exercise helps relieve the symptoms of “depression or anxiety issues as well as heart issues, diabetes” and more. While some people suffering from these issues raise the argument that they can simply take medication to better them, only taking medication doesn’t get you to your prime health – yet combined with exercise, your health will improve exponentially. It’s important not only to improve these health issues through exercise but to prevent them as well.If you find it easy to just make excuses whenever it’s gym time, consider altering your mindset. As opposed to looking at exercise as something you could do that day, make it something you have to do. Once it becomes part of your routine, it’s a lot easier to follow through with. Brushing your teeth is something you do as part of your morning routine to get ready, it’s not always an option in your mind – that’s the way you should engrain exercise.

This doesn’t have to mean having a hectic workout at the gym every day, but rather incorporating it into your life where it suits you. This can be walking home from work (or part of the way), taking the stairs as opposed to the elevator, dancing around when you’re cleaning the house or doing yoga in the morning before work to help prepare you for the day both emotionally and physically.

If you find the gym is more of a commitment and better suited to you, find exercises and classes that you really enjoy doing. It’s a lot easier to motivate yourself if it’s for something you enjoy! Zone Fitness offers a range of classes, including CoreBurn and more intense indoor cycling for the brave. Hop on a treadmill and incorporate the weights in your routine if you’re comfortable with it. If you feel like you’ve hit a fitness plateau and aren’t sure where to go from there, you can always ask a personal trainer to help you out! They’ll be able to assess your body type, lifestyle and fitness level to see how you can change up your routine for maximum benefits!

Motivation is key when it comes to working out; however, the key is getting your mindset right. Make your workout part of your daily routine as opposed to an optional extra and find a way you’ll enjoy it most. Be it running outdoors or indoors, lifting weights or training at the gym with a partner to make it more fun. Exercise is vital to health and proves beneficial for both the body and mind!

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