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Premieres Monday July 11 at 19:40

Storage Wars returns for a ninth series of treasure hunting. The bidders range from twenty-somethings out for fun and adventure willing to say or do anything to win; to husband and wife teams looking to make big cash quick. All the teams are prepared to create a huge drama in the process. It’s a hostile environment as the bidders assess if they think the unit is worth a bid and how high they will actually go. The only place to watch Storage Wars Series 9 is HISTORY®.

ALONE (Series 2)
Premieres Wednesday July 13 at 20:30Alone is the boldest endurance experiment ever attempted. In a brand new series, ten men and women will enter the wilderness carrying only what they can fit in a small backpack. They will be alone in harsh, unforgiving terrain with a single mission: stay alive as long as they can. These men and women will hunt, build shelters and fend off predators. They will face extreme isolation and psychological distress as they plunge into the unknown and document the experience themselves. No camera crew. No producers. At stake is US$500,000 for whoever lasts the longest. It is the ultimate test of human will.

Premieres Thursday, July 21 at 19:40

In a new channel premiere for HISTORY®, Car Hunters follows individuals as they search to buy their dream car. In each episode we follow a new buyer, aided by a friend or family member, as they check out three unique vehicles and hit the open road for a test drive. We share in the exhilaration and deliberation as they try to decide which ride they will cruise home in. Featured buyers include an empty nester who wants to recapture his youth with a car from his glory days; a father and son duo who are on the hunt for a thrill ride to bond over; a former correctional officer looking to kick off his retirement in style by owning a classic convertible; and a life-long lover of iconic low-riders who’s looking to finally buy one of his own.

Wednesdays at 19:40

Fifty miles off the coast of Nantucket, 250 feet beneath the Atlantic, lies the RMS Republic and her secret treasure. Republic, a famed White Star liner, set sail three years before her sister-ship Titanic, and met a similar fate. Rumours spread of a precious cargo, but Republic has kept her secrets for over a century – until now. Billion Dollar Wreck follows life-long treasure hunter and author, Martin Bayerle, who has devoted over 35 years of his life researching the Republic and proving the existence of her reputed cargo of 150,000 American Eagle gold coins – a bounty worth a billion dollars in today’s economy. In 1987, Martin raised millions of dollars for an expedition to recover her gold, but came home empty-handed. The failure left him broke, embroiled in lawsuits, estranged from his wife and jailed for voluntary manslaughter. Despite this, Martin’s obsession with Republic only grew stronger. Now, with the help of his son, Grant, Martin is returning for one last treasure hunt. Armed with three decades worth of research, he is convinced he knows the precise location of the gold.

Image: Nicole Apelian – one of the contestants in “Alone”

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