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Date Time Activity Venue
Monday , 11 July to Thursday, 14 July From 10am onwards Installation of beaded Madiba portrait The Watershed
Monday, 18 July From 9am onwards Relate Bracelets Beading The Watershed
From 9am onwards Angel Projects Shop

for Good challenge

Victoria Wharf

Cape Town, July 2016 — To mark the spirit and the legacy of Nelson Mandela, the V&A Waterfront has partnered with the Relate Bracelet organisation and Angel Projects.


Create bracelets to sell as well as a beaded portrait of Mandela

Visitors to the V&A Waterfront’s Victoria Wharf can devote 67 minutes of their time to mark Mandela Day by putting their creativity and beading skills to work for charitable causes.Leading up to Mandela Day, visitors can stop by the Watershed from Monday, 11 to Thursday, 14 July from 10am onwards and watch the construction of a beaded portrait of Nelson Mandela by Relate Bracelet’s expert beaders to commemorate the late President’s legacy. Using beaded threads (each with 67 beads) put together in a public beading session held recently, the portrait will take shape over 4 days in the Watershed the week before Mandela Day, and the portrait will ultimately remain in the Watershed.

Visitors to the Watershed on Mandela’s birthday, Monday 18 July can participate in Relate Bracelet’s beading marathon from 9am onwards, helping to produce beaded bracelets to be sold to the public to raise funds for charitable causes. Beads for the charitable bracelets will be supplied free of charge to participants.


Corporates are challenged to shop for charity on a budget

Angel Projects is setting an ‘Amazing Race’ challenge for corporate companies this Mandela Day, to spend 67 minutes shopping at the V&A Waterfront’s Victoria Wharf for various charities. These include the Home of Hope, TEARS Animal Shelter, The Haven Night Shelter, Atlantic Hope and Nazareth House.

For the challenge, each corporate team will be given a shopping wish list of goods a specific charity needs. The teams will be required to buy as many items from the list as possible in 67 minutes. The real challenge is that they will be restricted to a budget of R167 plus VAT, and they will not be allowed to dip into their pockets to add to this sum. They will, however, be allowed to barter or ask for donations.

The team that manages to buy the most number of goods on their lists from their limited budget will be declared the winner. In this way, businesses will face the daily challenges of charities, which have to provide for many from very limited financial means.

Companies wishing to enter the challenge can do so by visiting the Angel Projects shop for good website on

Alternatively, they can register on Mandela Day, 18 July, at the registration desk inside Victoria Wharf Shopping Centre, should slots still be available. There will be a total of six slots over the course of the day. Each slot can accommodate 20 teams of three people.

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