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Sundays starting August 14 at 19.00

Davina McCall and Nicky Campbell present a documentary series which aims to reunite family members after years of separation and offers a lifeline for people who are desperate to find long-lost relatives. The series explores the background and context of each family’s estrangement and tracks the detective work and often complex and emotional process of finding each lost relative before they are reunited. With the help and support of Davina and Nicky, each relative is guided and supported through the process of tracing the member of their family they have been desperately seeking, in some cases for most of their lives. Long Lost Family reveals the background to each case, the social context and reasons why these estrangements occurred, from the single teenage mums who felt unable to keep their babies, to the fathers who left and the twin sisters who were separated at birth. 6×60 minutes.BRIEF ENCOUNTERS
Tuesdays starting August 9 at 21.00

With a touch of glamour, gutsy humour and an overwhelming desire to improve their lot in life, four women strive for happiness and fulfillment in this heart-warming new 6 x 1 hour series. In early 1980s England, Steph, Pauline, Nita and Dawn wrestle with the pressures of family, husbands and making ends meet. However, a chance meeting between Steph and Nita is destined to kick-start a transformation for them all as they grasp the opportunity to become Ann Summers party organisers. Set to an iconic eighties soundtrack, this joyful, uplifting, character-driven drama will see these four unlikely friends blossom, gaining confidence and independence as their ambition is ignited. As wives and businesswomen they discover hidden strengths, shaking up not just their town, but their relationships too.

Mondays starting August 22 at 21.00

This comedy is set in a Spanish hotel that receives British holidaymakers arriving for their all-inclusive holidays at Solana Resort. There’s a couple of old swingers, a gay couple, a white trash family, a middle class couple desperate for a baby and an evil old granny in a motorised wheelchair. Benidorm, like any good holiday will lift your spirits, brighten up your world and deliver sun, sangria and swinging! Critically acclaimed, Benidorm has received two National Televison Awards and nominations at the British Comedy Awards and BAFTAs.

Saturdays throughout August at 19.00

There is no greater entertainment experience than a live theatre performance and Tonight at the London Palladium brings the stage to the audience. In eight spectacular variety shows, international stars of comedy, music and dance perform to a lively crowd of spectators with plenty of prizes and surprises to keep the evening buzzing. It’s like no other show on earth, bringing traditional theatre entertainment right up to date with awe-inspiring performances from household names and hit West End musicals. Take your seat for the show that delivers all the thrills, wonder and laughter of an unforgettable night on the town. In this series expect to be entertained by the likes of Andrea Bocelli, Cyndi Lauper, Ronan Keating, Meghan Trainor, Billy Ocean, The Corrs and the casts of “Motown: The Musical”, “Kinky Boots” and “Aladdin” among many more! Hosted by entertainer, actor and The Chase presenter Bradley Walsh.

Monday – Friday throughout August at 18.25

Exes fighting for custody of the dog, neighbours at war over the garden fence and a bride suing a wedding photographer for ruining her big day- it’s all in a day’s work for The Judge. With his razor-sharp mind, witty remarks and legal expertise, Judge Rinder rules his courtroom in his own unique way. Each case is filled with heart-break and rage, but with cool, calculated logic, Judge Rinder hears the evidence and delivers his verdict with characteristic wit. The Judge’s decision is final and while cameras catch the shocked or delighted reactions of claimants and defendants, the court moves on to the next dramatic case.

Monday – Friday Starting Monday August 22 at 18.25

Judge Rinder rules the courtroom in his own hit series, but now the respected barrister with a background in criminal defense is stepping out from behind the bench to take on real-life cases. From bigamy and fraud to armed robbery and even murder, Judge Rinder presents the background leading up to the crime, going through the police investigation and up to the trial. The events unfold in a gripping narrative culminating in Judge Rinder’s own expert summary of the case. Crime Stories boasts unprecedented access to police and court records, interviews with key witnesses and dramatic reconstructions – resulting in a show that’s so good, it’s criminal!

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