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Many women approach their consultation with a makeup artist with little or no experience working with a MUA and I am sure that the process can feel quite overwhelming. What are you supposed to bring? Should you wear your own foundation? How do you know what to ask for? etc.

Luckily, like any professional, most artists will guide you through the process with much support – even more so if you confess to being new to the whole process (hey, we are nice people!). They want you to love your experience and to feel pampered and well taken care of.

But like any independent specialist, a MUA has a lot of overhead (as you know, makeup is not cheap and whatever you have at home is a fraction of what they have in their kit), most of which comes out of their pocket. They transport all of their supplies to your location, give you 110 percent dedication and creative expertise, painstakingly clean each tool and brush (or replenish their supplies) in order to keep their makeup kit ready for you and the next client. Not to mention, the years they’ve spent perfecting their trade.

In order to ensure you have a great experience and a good working relationship with the MUA you’ll be trusting your face to, here are some things to keep in mind when booking your makeup artist or preparing for your next consultation…

Go with a clean faceMany women either forget that their MUA will be applying foundation, don’t feel comfortable leaving the house without it (that’s completely normal) or simply don’t realise that they should go to their appointment without any makeup. Speak with your MUA first to get a clear understanding of what they want, but in most cases, a MUA will want to start with a clean canvas. That means no foundation, no primer, no mascara – nothing! Your MUA will provide all of these things and will want to apply them for you as part of their complete package. In most cases, your makeup artist will ask you to cleanse your face thoroughly prior to application anyway – so don’t waste your time applying makeup prior to your appointment.

Silence is golden

You’ll meet, you’ll greet, you’ll discuss details, you’ll laugh and enjoy each other’s company. But, when it comes to actual makeup application, there are times when you’ll want to sit back and relax in silence. Your MUA is doing their best to create clean lines and nothing is more difficult than applying makeup to a moving face. So, chat first and while your MUA applies lipstick and other delicate details like eyeliner and mascara, take a break from speaking.

Speak up

Your artist sincerely wants you to be happy. If there is any part of your look that you are unhappy with, let them know. Have some patience in the process though – things might not look the way you expect in the middle of your makeover, but talk to your artist about your expectations. If things are clearly going in an unplanned direction, speak up. The last thing either of you want is to walk away with regret and the only way to prevent that is clear communication.

Create a mood board

Making a mood board is a fantastic way to clearly communicate with your MUA about your expectations. Creating a mood board with images of the looks you envision gives your MUA well defined guidelines, ensuring you’ll get the results you expect. With Pinterest, making mood boards are easier than ever. You can email your MUA a link to your board in advance so they have time to prepare, so you can start a conversation about your goals long before the day!

A very important point to remember is that your makeup artist will make you look like the best version of yourself and not exactly as the picture, the picture only acts as a guideline.

Prep your face

Keeping your face and lips moisturised will ensure smooth and even application of makeup, less creasing and a polished finish. Again, make sure you clean your face…the problem area is around the eyes. Wipe your eyeliner carefully with makeup removal pads or use a lightweight oil to clean your face of excess, stubborn mascara and makeup.

Plan for touching up

On big days like your wedding day, it’s wise to plan a few moments later in the day to add a little powder to your look, blot any oil and touch up your lipstick – as you do need to maintain your look once your makeup artist has left the building. So sneak away between your ceremony and your reception and give yourself a quick check. Your look will last, but a little maintenance will keep you fresh that much longer.

Thank you for reading, I hope you found today’s post useful.

Till next time,


Kelly D

(feel free to follow me on Instagram @theekellydee or like my Facebook page Kelly D Professional Makeup Artistry for tips, inspiration and latest work)

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