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MY CRAZY EX (Series 2)
Tuesdays from September 6 at 20:00

My Crazy Ex returns to Crime + Investigation®. The gripping second series tells the extraordinary-but true stories of past relationships that went seriously wrong when one partner’s behaviour went from romantic, to excessive, and then to the extreme. These are twisted tales of love, loss and revenge from the point of view of the person on the receiving end. Each episode focuses on a new story, following it from first meeting, through the relationship – however brief, and ultimately to the bitter end. Some stories are Fatal Attraction scary, while others are simply bizarre.LIVING IN SECRET
Tuesdays from September 13 at 20:50

From infidelity to extreme spending, to prostitution, in each episode of Living in Secret, viewers will see individuals reveal for the first time the secret life they have been living. Hidden cameras take viewers into lives previously unseen and follow the individual on a personal and emotional journey as they prepare to divulge their secret and attempt redemption – all while living in fear that their secret will be discovered before they can reveal it to their family and friends first.

Fridays from September 23 from 20:00

Award-winning American journalist Paula Zahn steps out of the studio and into the field to unravel more criminal investigations. Each dramatic story features the opinions of those closest to the case, including detectives, the families of the victims, barristers and solicitors, as well as exclusive TV interviews with the murderers convicted in each case. Documentary series Unusual Suspects showcases some of the most shocking and difficult cases in law enforcement history, shedding light on the investigations that led to the arrest of the unlikely culprits.

Thursdays from September 29 at 20:00

Joe Kenda (pictured) returns in a brand new series of one of CI’s popular franchises, Homicide Hunter. Lieutenant Joe Kenda and his Colorado Springs crime-fighting team have solved an unprecedented 387 homicide investigations, resulting in a 92% solve rate. The new series joins Lieutenant Kenda as he guides us, with the aid of dramatic recreations, through some of the most disturbing and challenging murder cases that he and his team have worked on. Homicide Hunter takes us behind the scenes with one of the world’s best homicide detectives to learn how murders are really solved.

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