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Pre-order GLA on iTunes now with instant grat tracks ‘No Sleep, Gold Elephant and Ex El.

Scottish rockers Twin Atlantic, are set to release their new album, GLA, on September 9th. (Red Bull Records) They recently released the video for the first single off the album “No Sleep”, a track playlisted on the BBC’s national pop music station Radio 1 where it was named “Hottest Record In The World” and “Track Of The Day” by leading British music bible, Q Magazine. “No Sleep” was heard for the first time on SA radio on Stephanie Be`s show on 5fm on July 11th. It is also playlisted on various campus, community and online radio stations nationwide. South African fans got to see Twin Atlantic live at Oppikoppi 2015 and One Night in Cape Town 2015. The band received rave reviews. In the words of music journalist Wayde Flowerday: “Twin Atlantic proved a point at Oppikoppi 2015. Not only are they a phenomenal recording band, but they are a powerhouse of a live act. Definitely one of the highlights of the festival!”The new single “No Sleep” is a rock song led by the guttural bass and guitar riffs of Barry McKenna and Ross McNae climaxing with vocalist Sam McTrusty’s roar of “I get no sleep” against a driving beat by drummer Craig Kneale and a wall of insomnia-inducing frustration.

Craig Roxburgh, editor of,za says of the track: “Gritty alternative rock influences are amalgamated with stadium rock choruses and melodies to produce a blistering single that places the band at the forefront of the latest wave of British alt-rock band that are taking over the globe. “No Sleep” sees the band continuing to build on anthemic sound established in Great Divide, but temper it with a newfound sense of aggression and rock swagger. GLA is going to be one hell of an album!”

WATCH the video for “No Sleep” here:

Twin Atlantic are: Sam McTrusty, Barry McKenna, Ross McNae and Craig Kneale.

Stardom didn’t happen quickly for Twin Atlantic: three years of writing, recording and touring the UK in a van. On their first album, 2009’s ‘Vivarium’, McTrusty says the band “couldn’t believe we were getting to make a record”, and so squeezed in every idea and trick they knew. The work paid off on their second album, 2011’s ‘Free’, as they started selling out 2,000 capacity venues and the album went silver. By 2014’s ‘Great Divide’, McTrusty had polished his gift for penning tight, laser-guided rock songs to a bright sheen.

“But”, he says, “it wasn’t interesting anymore. It became an uncomfortable fit. We’d become the ‘best’ version of this band.” In the process, they felt they’d lost themselves. “When something’s shiny and new, it’s got no history, no bruises. It’s not interesting.” If Twin Atlantic were to continue, they decided it was time to wear those bruises like medals, to wear their histories on their sleeves.

The songs on GLA were written in Glasgow, and the band repaired to Topanga Canyon in Los Angeles to record the album, working with Jacknife Lee (U2, Snow Patrol, Two Door Cinema Club), who had previously produced a couple of tracks for ‘Great Divide’. Under his direction, they eschewed old school recording techniques, taping their parts separately. “At no point did we play together,” McTrusty says. “We changed our approach and turned the idea of a rock band upside down, conforming only to this one idea – to take back rock and roll. To give people something real again”. This change in their recording process marked the grander ambitions of the new songs, while their dream mixer Alan Moulder (best known for his unforgettable work with Arctic Monkeys, Foals, Foo Fighters and My Bloody Valentine) came aboard to give the album the essential finishing touch.

“We were inspired by classic riff-rock, but we want to make our own version of it, and inspire other people,” McTrusty explains, “We’re giving that extra bit of ourselves, and we want to give power back to rock’n’roll, to reveal itself. With ‘GLA’, we have everything to lose, and nothing to prove. That’s an exciting creative place to be.”

“We could never have made this album before,” adds McNae, “because we hadn’t had all our experiences, we hadn’t made all the right mistakes. We have finally made the album we wanted to make.”

GLA tracklisting:

1. Gold Elephant: Cherry Alligator

2. No Sleep

3. You Are The Devil

4. Overthinking

5. Ex El

6. Vahalla

7. I Am Alive

8. Whispers

9. A Scar To Hide

10. Missing Link

11. The Chaser

12. Mothertongue

GLA will be released on September 9th via Red Bull Records. SA Fans can now pre-order GLA

GLA will be released on September 9th via Red Bull Records. SA Fans can now pre-order GLA

on iTunes with instant grat tracks ‘No Sleep, Gold Elephant and Ex El:

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