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Ok so everyone who knows me KNOW that I love chocolate! 🙂 Like, chocolate is my life!!!

Then I get  gift from the lovely folk at Cadbury and I’m like, are you kidding me right now?! All this, for me??? Ok maybe I was supposed to share but then I thought …why? 🙂

I have become an overnight fan of this new choccies called 5 Star. Oh. My. Word!

So seeing as I’m always giving readers the opportunity to share in the fun we have some great news for you. Firstly, Cadbury are running a cool competition where you can win your share of R1.2 million in instant airtime and data as well as other amazing daily prizes every day until the 30th of September 2016. And secondly, you get to win a cool Cadbury hamper worth R500 PLUS R500 in cash! Yes, five hundred bucks also. How awesome is that?

Ok so firstly you can can win your share in the Cadbury Wondermunchful competition where you need to make up words to describe that feeling when you bite into a Cadbury chocolate and the here, you can stand a chance to win that hamper plus R500 in cash! I KNOW, RIGHT???! 🙂

Ok ok calm down I know you want to know how but let’s not be hasty. Now I’m wondering what I would do with 500 bucks…

Ok back to serious matters now. How do you stand the chance of winning and getting in on the action?

Let me leave this here and have a read. Toward the end I will also tell you how you can win the hamper and the R500.


Cadbury WonderMunchFul

By creating their own unique words participants stand a chance to win

Express your Chocolate Joy by creating your own

Cadbury WonderMunchFul words

Ever had such a tantalising-tongue-twistingingly-terrific Cadbury chocolate bar that made you want to name that unique feeling, but you just couldn’t find the words to describe it? It is for this reason that Cadbury has embarked on a campaign to find more entertaining ways to express the joy and delight that Cadbury chocolate bars bring.

Launching on the 1st of August, the Cadbury WonderMunchFul campaign calls out to South African consumers to spark their creativity by asking them to make up new words to best describe their favourite Cadbury chocolate bar.

By creating their own unique words participants stand a chance to win their share of R1.2 Million in instant airtime and data as well as other awesomelicious daily prizes every day until the 30th of September 2016.

 “In the spirit of ‘Freeing the Joy’ we are very excited to see what fantabulous words Cadbury fans will come up with”, says Grant Van Niekerk, Mondelez SA Category Lead for Chocolate. “We encourage consumers to literally think outside the chocolate box and come up with original WonderMunchFul words for a chance to win.

To enter consumers simply need to purchase any two Cadbury chocolate bars, and submit their name and the last 4 digits of each barcode to 33355. Once entered, the participant will receive an automated response to confirm whether they have won an instant daily prize of airtime or data. Then, whether an instant prize win was awarded or not, each participant will have the opportunity to increase their chances of winning more fabulous prizes by submitting their own unique ‘WonderMunchful’ word. This will afford the participant an entry into the daily prize draw for a chance to win a tablet or cellphone.

Winners will be required to provide their original till slip as proof of purchase of any two of the following participating Cadbury chocolate bars; 46g Lunch Bar Original, 46g Lunch Bar Dream, 48.5g Cadbury 5Star, 53g Tempo Original, 46g P.S Original, 46g P.S Caramilk and 40g Crunchie.

For more information and Ts&Cs on the Cadbury WonderMunchFul campaign visit us on Facebook at:

CadburyPS –

LunchBarSA –

or Cadbury5StarSA –

You can also tweet us on the new Cadbury Chocolate Bar Twitter page on @CadburyChocBar using #WonderMunchFul.


All you need to do to win this lekkermazing, sexyawesome, amazechocs prize is to answer the easy question below and that’s that!


What is your favourite Cadbury chocolate and if you could make up a word to describe it, what would it be? 


This competition is open to those living in South Africa.

Closing date is Friday 9 September at 9am.

Random draws will take place on the morning of Friday 9th September and winners will be emailed straight after.

Please make sure you enter with an email address you check regularly.

The winner wins a hamper of Cadbury goodies, compliments of Mondelez plus R500 in cash.

Monies will be transferred into the winners account via Baydu Adams Events.

Winners will be notified via email and need to respond with details within 48 hours.

Failing this we will choose another random name from the entries.

Plato Communications will courier the hamper to your home or place of work.

Good luck!  :)

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