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Kick start your running journey with Uber and Nike

Get ready to explore the city and unlock your running journey. Uber and Nike+ Run Club (NRC) know that every athlete needs support to unlock their potential and are here to help with pacers on demand!

On 27 August 2016, from 08:00 – 13:00, Nike+ Run Club Pacer on Demand will offer personalised training sessions to runners in Jozi. Remember if you have a body, you are an athlete, so lace-up, skill-up and get the know-how from the experts.

Simply enter the Uber promo code RUNJOBURG in order to reveal the unique NRC PACER view and request pacers on demand. If successful, two Nike+ Run Club Pacers will arrive ready to enable you with a personalised running session coupled with the right technology. Runners will have the opportunity to trial a pair of Nike running shoes to further amplify the running experience, which will be tailored to each person’s ability level.Runners should be prepared to warm up with running-specific, dynamic stretching before they take off for a two or three kilometre run.

Runners keep alert, because you could be one of the lucky new runners to get a special Nike guest.

• Open your Uber app and enter the code RUNJOBURG in the ‘Promotions’ tab.
• From 8:00AM – 13:00PM on Saturday, 27 August 2016, slide across to the NRC PACER view.
• Ensure that you are in a Nike+ Run Club Pacer zone (see details below) and request a ride as normal.
• If successful, Nike+ Run Club Pacers will arrive at your doorstep ready to provide a free, personalised running session.
• Your short run will end at your starting location.

• To ensure that you connect with a Nike+ Run Club Pacer, please check below before making your request.

• Demand will be very high, so please check back if your first request is unsuccessful.
• Sessions are FREE

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