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The City of Cape Town asks residents to send close-up photos depicting the finer details of the Rondebosch Fountain which was left in pieces following a motor vehicle collision in 2015. 

Last year, a car collided with the well-known historic fountain which stood at the intersection of Main and Belmont Roads, Rondebosch. The 125-year-old fountain was left in pieces. The smaller bits of the fountain were removed by the City to a place of safe-keeping. The larger remaining pieces of the monument were subsequently stolen from the site.

The fountain is made of cast-iron and was donated to the municipality by George Pigot Moodie in 1891 as an animal watering facility.‘The City intends to repair the fountain, but although there are many images depicting the fountain, the photos do not adequately show the finer details of the monument. If there are any members of the public who have close-up photos of the fountain, these may assist a specialist in undertaking the restoration work that is required.

‘Our heritage management staff have tried to get in touch with the Scottish foundry which originally cast the fountain, but it has closed down and its records have been destroyed. The lantern and lantern pole are identical to those of the Rosebank Fountain. The Rondebosch Fountain, however, had different lower detailing. Online images that we’ve seen do not contain the finer detail that a restorer would require.

‘We have found specialists who are experienced in the repair of cast-iron and they have examined the remnants of the fountain. Detailed photographs may help us to determine the finer detail of what the fountain looked like,’ said the City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Energy, Environmental and Spatial Planning, Councillor Johan van der Merwe.

Members of the public who are in possession of any close-up photos of this declared monument are urged to please send them to

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