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Top International Reggae Promoter All Nations


The All Nations Reggae Fest 2016

5 November –  Carfax – Johannesburg

12 November –  Castle of Good Hope –  Cape Town

For the past two decades All Nations has been promoting local and international reggae music and artists in South Africa, their most recent shows in South Africa have included: Capleton, Luciano and Sizzla.

This November we will witness five international reggae artists on one stage at The All Nations Reggae Fest 2016, three artists hail from Jamaica; Bushman, Etana & Turbulence, Souljah Luv from Zimbabwe and Lucius Banda from Malawi. All five international artists will be backed by the all African, seven piece – All Nations Band.Opening the Johannesburg show will include top SA reggae and dancehall artists: The Lucky Dube Band featuring Skeleton Blazer, Mad Koolia, Teedo, Commander Bee, E Man and MC Bada Bada. Opening the Cape Town leg will include, The Rudimentals, Blak Kalamawi, Yagga Flames, Bashmouth Sound, Triple Crown and Ras Reggie.


Hailing from St Thomas in Jamaica Dwight Duncan aka Bushman will be making his debut appearance in SA this year, Dwight was first a dj/selector known as Junior Melody, His debut album “Nyah Man Chant” was released in 1997 produced by Steely and Clivie, scored two major hits: “Grow your Natty” and “Call de

Hearse”, developing a global fan base including South Africa. The album described in Rough Guide to Reggae ‘A good example of modern cultural singing as you could hope to find’. It was Steely who

suggested Junior change his name to Bushman. Since his debut Bushman has released several albums: Total Commitment (2000) and Higher Ground (2001) produced by King Jammy. During 2003 he teamed up with UK producer Stingray to record his fourth album: A Better Place aka My Meditation.

2004 saw the first album produced by Bushman himself called “Signs” this was a master piece with hits like ‘Light House’, ‘Down Town’, Creatures of the Night’ to name a few. Having matured with a wealth of experience Bushman’s next move was to form his own Music Company called “Burning Bushes Music Inc.” in 2005. Now a C.E.O his first independent album “Get It in Your Mind” was released in 2008. Later Bushman teamed up with power house Donavan Germain (Penthouse) where he co- produced a Tribute album to the legendary Peter Tosh called “Bushman Sings the Bush Doctor” (2011) This album smashed its way to the # 7 spot on the Reggae Billboard charts after just two weeks.


Etana’s name means “The Strong One” in Swahili, and it’s a title she more than lives up to with her music and presence. Since debuting in 2006 with the thought provoking single “Wrong Address,” the Jamaican-born singer has established herself as one of the most powerful and distinctive voices in reggae, blazing a new trail in a genre that has long been male-dominated. Etana’s story begins in August Town, a treacherous but culturally rich garrison community in eastern Kingston that has produced such musical talents as Sizzla and Israel Vibration. Growing up, Etana’s home was filled with music, but it was country and western that she recalls leaving the biggest impression. “Every Sunday was country music day,” says Etana. “A lot of people in Jamaica play gospel music on a Sunday, or old rub-a-dub. In my house it was

country, like Dolly Parton. Tammy Wynette was my favorite of all the artists my mom used to play.”

Etana has released 4 albums: The Strong One (2008), Free Expressions (2011), Better Tomorrow (2013) and I Rise, released in October 2014, and entered the Billboard Top Reggae Albums chart at number 7, and topped the chart in its second week of release. It remained at the number one spot for four weeks. Etana is first female to top the reggae billboard chart in over fifteen years.


Sheldon Campbell aka Turbulence hails from the Hungry Town district of Kingston. Like many other underprivileged youngsters, he began singing at school and church before serving his dancehall apprenticeship on sound-systems, originally known as Double Trouble a friend suggested that he should be called Turbulence because of the disturbance he’d cause, and his capacity “to upset Babylon”. Turbulence’s righteous lyrics and straight-from-the-heart deliveries have already earned him widespread acclaim.

Turbulence has built up a healthy and extensive fan base after releasing almost twenty albums and touring the world. His biggest hit to date is Notorious, which rapidly outgrew its reggae and dancehall roots to become a huge star in the film Rise Up (Reggae Star), which documents the progress of three young artists from Jamaica.  His subsequent album has proved near perfect examples of the conscious dancehall art – i.e., they’re vibrant and exciting enough to have club audiences leaping for joy, yet are infused by the same spirit of Rastafari that graced many reggae classics from the seventies. Love, reverence, self-empowerment and spirituality are common themes in his work. At their core is the universal message of love, Peace and unity, since Turbulence’s songs are designed to reverberate in the hearts of all people, irrespective of color or creed.

Souljah Luv

Souljah Luv is an award winning and popular Zim dancehall artist who rose to prominence in 2012 with hit tracks such as “Ndini Uya uya” and “Gum-kum”. He is often compared to the Jamaican Vybz Kartel. He is known for making the “Chibabababa”, Hauite Hauite” and “Conquering” signature chants which appear in all of his songs. Souljah Luv started singing whilst in high school although not making an impact then. He was unknown before releasing his hit “Ndini uya uya” which rocked the airwaves in 2012. The song made waves on all local radio stations and topped the charts for many weeks. He also collaborated with Shinsoman both making their names heard in the music industry and won two awards at the 2013 Zim Dancehall Awards for the Best Collaboration and Best Upcoming Artist. He became one of the few dancehall chanters to play alongside a live band, his band comprising of 22 members.

Lucius Banda

A well-known music icon in Malawi, his music legacy dates way back to 1983 when he was just thirteen years old and started singing with his brother Paul Banda. To further his music career Lucius decided to go to a music school in South Africa. This dream was fulfilled in 1993 when he joined Dorkay house in Johannesburg, where he spent one full year studying music. He recorded his first album titled ‘Son of A Poor Man’ at a studio in Johannesburg with the help of producer George Arigone on backing vocals with Nomhlanlha Nkhize and the now famous gospel singer Debora Fraser. In 1997, Lucius formed his own band, Zembani after recording his fourth album (Take Over) with the intention to help local musicians in Malawi. Many artists in Malawi have been promoted through the auspices of his Zembani Music Band. The band has grown into one of the most celebrated music groups across Africa. His latest album is titled “Thank You”.

Johannesburg Event Information:

Name: All Nations Reggae Fest 2016 featuring: Bushman, Etana, Turbulence, Souljah Luv & Lucius Banda


Venue: Carfax
Address: 39 Gwigwi Mrwebi Street, Newtown, Johannesburg
Day: Saturday
Date: 5th November 2016
Time: 5pm – 4am
Price: R250 (outlets) R300 (door)
Support Acts Lucky Dube Band feat Skeleton Blazer (JHB)
Dee-Jayz Mad Koolia, Teedo, Commander Bee, E Man & MC Bada Bada

Cape Town Event Information:

Name: All Nations Reggae Fest 2016 featuring: Bushman, Etana, Turbulence, Souljah Luv & Lucius Banda


Venue: Castle of Good Hope Cape Town
Address: Darling Street, Cape Town
Day: Saturday
Date: 12th November 2016
Time: 5pm – 4am
Price: R250 (outlets) R300 (door)
In Store: African Link Corner Longmarket and Hout Streets, Cape Town CBD
Support Acts:  The Rudimentals, Blak Kalamawi & Yagga Flames (CT)
Dee-Jayz: Bashmouth Sound, Triple Crown & Ras Reggie
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