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Good quality parts go a long way in navigating South Africa’s tricky roads

Johannesburg, 5 September 2016 – Your car’s shock absorbers control the movement of its suspension when it travels over bumps or dips in the road, as well as when the driver accelerates, brakes or corners. If just one shock absorber is worn, this can lead to uneven body movement when the driver brakes or corners hard, and this lurching of the car can lead to a dangerous loss of control by the driver.

Making sure your shock absorbers are in tip-top working order is vital for a safe and comfortable ride. The Titan range of shock absorbers, now available to South African motorists through Midas stores, use high-quality components to ensure that their shock-absorbing properties are of a superior quality, and that they last longer.

Shock absorbers working at their optimum are key to your safety in the car. Not only do they absorb the excess energy generated by uneven and bumpy roads, they also ensure your car sticks to the road in windy conditions and that it has proper stopping power.Shock absorbers also ensure your car’s stability. A faulty, poor-quality or broken shock absorber will cause a car’s wheels to bounce rapidly and continuously up and down, even on apparently smooth roads, leading to dangerously scuffed tyres. It’s recommended that you check your shock absorbers at least every 50 000 km, to prevent unnecessary wear and tear on your tyres and the various components of your car’s suspension system.

And last but by no means least, shock absorbers ensure comfort for all occupants of the car by reducing or eliminating vibratory motions due to uneven roads. With worn or poor-quality shock absorbers, all vertical energy of wheels is shifted to the frame of the vehicle, making for an unpleasant experience inside the car.

Titan shock absorbers are available in over 60 part numbers, covering some 80 percent of the cars currently in use on South African roads. They are available through Midas branches countrywide. Midas, a one-stop shop catering for the needs of any vehicle owner, provides a wide range of products from parts to accessories.

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