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Valhalla Park Spray Park turn on with Cllr Albert NtsodoThe City’s spray parks are all set and ready to welcome young and old to cool off during the school holidays and the rest of the summer season. This summer, families have a choice of one of the City’s five spray parks situated in Khayelitsha, Nyanga, Valhalla Park, Ocean View and Scottsville. These facilities are safe and inclusive recreational spaces for young and old residents to enjoy. Read more below:

The City of Cape Town’s Mayoral Committee Member for Community Services, Councillor Anda Ntsodo, today switched on the Valhalla Spray Park in time for the school holidays.

Spray parks are one of the City’s most innovative recreational spaces. These safe and water-wise facilities consist of a series of spray features or structures that create a play environment for children by means of different spray nozzles. One of the most popular features is the overhead buckets which slowly fill with water and, without warning, overturn and drench those below. There are interactive elements in the form of water guns and cannons that children can use to spray their friends with water.‘In light of the strict water restrictions, I would also like to assure residents that spray parks use much less water than swimming pools. This water is recirculated through the spray park after being treated through a process similar to that of a swimming pool filtration system. We are aware that water is a scarce resource and have therefore committed to exploring innovative designs for water-based recreation from a sustainability perspective. The ability to turn spray parks on and off easily and the recirculation of water makes them water-wise facilities,’ said Councillor Ntsodo.

Spray parks will be open every day during the school holidays and thereafter in the afternoons and over weekends. However, facility managers may choose not to switch on the spray park on days when the weather is bad or when there are very few users present. Parents are encouraged to check with their local community centres as to when the spray parks will be turned on.

Spray parks seek to get the entire family physically active and promote the enjoyment of quality recreational time together. They are designed in a way that encourages running, jumping, splashing, and shouting for good, old-fashioned fun, together. These parks help to stimulate children’s imaginations and provide an element of surprise that delights all.

In the toddler sections, the soft spray is unintimidating and gently wets their faces, getting them used to becoming ‘water babies’. There are also shaded seating areas overlooking the spray area where parents can relax and enjoy watching their children at play.

‘We appeal to the community to help us to take care of their recreational spaces so that many more generations can enjoy this wonderful social space. As the City, we do all we can to provide communities with quality services; however, communities also need to take ownership of their facilities and look after the spray parks. I would also like to encourage the community to make maximum use of these facilities that the City provides for their enjoyment. We expect that the chance to cool off safely in these truly imaginative and fun spaces will attract more children to our community centres and sports complexes,’ added Councillor Ntsodo.

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