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I was asked on my opinion about that girly (I don’t even want to know her name) who made a video threatening another girl. I watched it. Once. Nobody wants to see a young lady perform the way she did. I don’t have much of opinion on it but I’m certainly not going to judge and make a big stink on social media about it. I think the young lady probably by now knows she messed up. Whether it was her friends cheering her on to send a video to another girl (probably fighting over some boy) or whether she is always the class clown, or whatever, it matters not, the damage is done.

I see many adults judging like we were all angels. We all use to vang on our cuc as lyties, we just never had cellphones recording it and having it reshared a couple of hundred thousand times for the world to see. Of course I’m not condoning her action, it was improper and unladylike and some sort of “bully” tactic was evident but I am saying let this be a lesson for us, and our generation of youth out there. And to the adults who are angels and never made a mistake, we see you. I don’t know this girl, and I’m not about to find out whose family she is or what kind of parents she has cos frankly I don’t care. I do think the lesson here is to be careful of dangerous a tool social media is. How dangerous it is when you post something that can land you in jail or scar you for life or have a psycho follow where you’ve checked in and then fabricate a story and hurt you. The bad things are endless. I had the pleasure of meeting Emma Sadlier (also known as social media Barbie) who wrote books about the law and social media. One such book is called “Don’t film yourself having sex”. Social media has changed the way life happens. We consume information quicker. We get instant gratification when 10 or 100 000 people like our post, our pic, our status, our opinion. And it can definitely also do harm. Look at Margaret, look at Justine of #hasjustinelanded fame. The racist videos doing the rounds when someone took out a cellphone to record it. The racist tweets or FB statuses. You need to be careful people. Emma said something to us which I will share with you. She said, when you post a status, or tweet, look at it as a billboard on the side of the highway for everyone to see. THAT is how you should treat your status. Oh, you only have 100 friends on your list? But it takes one person to screen shot it and share it with the world and next thing 150 000 people have seen it and will keep sharing and it won’t disappear, it’s there forever. Margaret was part of a small group of hockey moms.

Emma also said if you are upset about something and typing an angry status, before you press enter or post, get up, go the bathroom or take a walk around the office and come back to read your status you are about to send out into the world. You will see how you change the wording and make it less accusatory and less personal. We are human beings so we are all entitled to our opinions, it’s just now that we have a cell phone in our hands and within an hour the whole world can know who we really are…


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