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Here’s a message to those who are, or were recently, hurt in love.

This is not about why and the reasons for the break up and hurt, but rather advice and how to deal with it. Firstly, make sure that this is what you want, that you no longer want the drama, the lies, the hurt, the cheating, the abuse, the pain. When you know you are ready to move on, delete everything that reminds you of the person from your life, mostly, it’s a way to remove it from your memory.

Delete all pics, all emails, pics from your phone, text and Whatsapp messages, EVERYTHING. This is your first step in moving on. Cos love is an emotion and when a pic of someone or some place takes us back as we reminisce and become nostalgic, we see it for all the pretty and good things about that moment. It brings back that euphoria of love and being loved and being needed and wanted and cared for. So, get rid of that shit. Cos you are not at that moment in the relationship, or ex relationship. You are at that stage where you need to move on.

Also, when the moments present itself to take the person back cos of whatever reason, of course the power is in your hands to choose what it is YOU want. This is the stage you think back of not the good, but all the “bad” and try and figure out if it is all worth it. Will the person “change their habit”? Was it actually maybe your fault? Was it a misunderstanding? But if it was that the other person treated you like an asshole, abused you, lied to you, cheated, hurt or emotionally drained you, this is when you know no way in hell am I going to put myself through all of this again…

My 2 cents, not all will agree but that’s ok.


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