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It will be the “hottest” day ever on Saturday, 05 November at the Stellenbosch Slow Market when they kick off chilli month with a mouth warming chilli festival.

A variety of chilli products, including a variety of fresh chillies from farmers, will be on sale and for those brave enough to take on the heat, a chilli tasting competition will be held with some great prizes up for grabs.

Chilli tasting competition for Cupcakes For Kids With Cancer

In order to raise funds for the charity, Cupcakes For Kids With Cancer, ten members of the public will be invited to take part in a chilli tasting competition to see who can last the longest before reaching for a glass of milk. As entries are limited, registration needs to take place by emailing All visitors on the day can also participate by donating R10 and then bet on who they believe will be able to take the heat the longest. A lucky draw by the (tasting) winner will determine who will win some delicious chilli hampers and cash prizes. Similar prizes will be awarded to the final survivor of the tasting competition.Delicious chilli products available all month long

Visitors can expect delicious chilli burgers from Flamed, chilli bread from Fine Pastry, chilli sauces and chacuterie from Greg’s Pure Products and Mr. Pukkah, chilli sausages from Ollie’s Sausages, chilli biltong from Stokkiesdraai, chilli chocolate from Native Chocolates, chilli Chinese from Tao Chinese, chilli shwarmas from Tunisian Delights, a variety of Mexican food from Taqueria Los Compadres, chilli relish from Good Natured Food as well as fresh chillies and chilli plants, amongst so many other “hot” products like chilli poppers and sauces.

Five facts about chillies
1. Chilli strength is measured in SHUs (Scoville Heat Units). Scoville ratings range from zero for bell peppers to 16 million Scoville units for pure capsaicin (the chemical giving a chilli its heat).
2. In 2007, Guinness World Records certified that the Ghost pepper was the world’s hottest chili pepper, 400 times hotter than Tabasco sauce. The Ghost chili is rated at more than 1 million Scoville heat units (SHUs).
3. The world record for eating pickled jalapeno chillies is 275 in eight minutes.
4. Chillies are rich in vitamin C, niacin and beta-carotene and have anti-bacterial qualities.
5. Contrary to popular belief, seeds are not the hottest part of the chilli, it is in fact the membrane to which they are attached (the white bit), but when the seeds are removed, the membrane is often scraped out with the seeds.

Come and enjoy the “heat” with us.

DATE: Saturday, 05 November 2016
TIME: 09:00 – 14:00
LOCATION: Oude Libertas Estate, Stellenbosch
ADDRESS: Corner of Oude Libertas Street and Adam Tas Street, Stellenbosch

There is no entry fee to the market and ample parking is available. For more information, visit, call + 27 21 886 8514 or send an email to

Also join the conversation on Facebook (SlowMarket), Twitter (@TheSlowMarket), Instagram (SlowMarket) and Pinterest (SlowMarket).

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