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Today, 1 November 2016, the City of Cape Town’s Mayoral Committee recommended to Council that certain by-laws be repealed as we continue to streamline our governance model. This is part of our ongoing efforts to reduce red tape. These repealed by-laws were promulgated by former municipalities which were incorporated into the City of Cape Town in 2000, in order to standardise the job of enforcing laws across the city.

Before the creation of the uni-city, the City consisted of 30 smaller municipalities which all had their own municipal councils and which were all able to create their own by-laws. We undertook to research 306 by-laws which we found to be outdated.

These former municipalities no longer exist, making these by-laws redundant. They have never been repealed, which technically means that they are still in existence and in force within the areas of the municipal courts which adopted them. Some of the by-laws date back to as early as 1950.One example of the outdated nature of these by-laws is the By-law relating to the control of taxis in Durbanville Municipality. It stipulated that no person would be able to operate a taxi without wearing a clean white coat approved by the Chief Traffic Officer of the Durbanville Municipality. Today, rules governing taxis are applied in terms of national laws, thus rendering all previous laws irrelevant.

As we intensify our efforts to become a well-run government, the repeal of these by-laws will assist us to work more efficiently by cutting down on unnecessary bureaucracy and red tape.

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