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Do you daydream about having the perfect garden? Do you step onto your neighbour’s lush lawn and wonder just how they do it? Do you want an outdoor paradise without wasting water unnecessarily? The good news is you can have it all, and quite simply so, courtesy of a gardening hack called “mulching”.

“Mulch” refers to any type of organic material that is spread or laid over the surface of the soil to serve as a covering that will retain moisture in the soil, suppress weeds, keep the soil cool and make the garden bed look more attractive. Moreover, it also serves as a great way for you to save money, by saving water, as mulching prevents water loss.

To adopt mulching into your everyday gardening routine, cover all the bare soil patches in your garden bed with mulch. This can be anything from bark chips and nut shells to homemade compost, which you can purchased in bags from your nearest Builders.

Other mulch options include beautiful leaves, which you can make yourself by collecting fallen leaves from around your trees. You could even use pretty pebbles to cover your garden, as they are also a form of mulch.

To find out more about this clever, easy and eco-friendly technique, check out the Builders website at and get a detailed list of all of the products available to help you attain the perfect garden, all the while saving the environment.


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