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One in twenty-three South African men stand the chance of getting cancer, with prostate cancer the most common type[1]. Yet despite the highly-publicized “Mo” movement the annual event involving the growing of moustaches during the month of November to raise awareness of mens health, such as prostate cancer, how many men actually go and get tested for prostate cancer?

In order to drive a shift in the attitude towards men’s health issues overall and prostate cancer diagnosis, in particular, Philips is introducing its breakthrough high-tech fusion biopsy solution Philips Invivo UroNav to South Africa in early 2017.

The breakthrough technology will lead to more accurate diagnosis of clinically significant cancers; reduce the risk of detecting incidental low risk cancer, and will reduce the risk of repeat biopsies, ultimately saving men from regular uncomfortable and inaccurate testing and prevent potentially serious side effects that may have been avoided in the first place.While supporting you with high-end medical diagnostics on one hand, Philips is also taking care of you as you grow your “Mo” or let it go…

Growing Your Mo

Whether your ‘Mo’ makes an annual appearance, or you dig some stubble year round, as long as your beard is well-groomed you’re good to go. To give you this perfectly groomed, yet manly look, reach for the Philips Multigroom Series 3000 trimmer.

This three-in-one waterproof trimmer is crafted to trim your beard to exactly the length you want, with a beard and stubble comb that offers 1mm to 18mm length settings.

And while subtle stubble or a well-trimmed beard is ok, nose and ear hair is not! But don’t worry; the Multigroom Series 3000 will also take care of unwanted hair in awkward places too.

Letting it Go

And when you’re ready to shave it all off, Philips is here too, even for those sensitive grooming needs down below.

The Philips Bodygroomer 1000 is designed to make your grooming journey more comfortable to achieve the results you’re after. It’s 100% waterproof, so you can simply rinse it clean under water when you’re done.

Most importantly, the skin protector in the Philips Bodygroomer 1000 will make sure your crown jewels are protected, allowing you to comfortably trim hair as close as 0.5mm without directly exposing your skin to the blades, even in the most sensitive areas.

So while you’re fussing over your Mo, don’t forget to check down below! And if you can’t soldier on until the end of November, Philips is there for you when you’re ready to shave it all off!

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