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  • 500 teens waiting for mentors for 2017
  • You are the difference
  • Be a mentor to a child in need of your life experience
  • Video mentoring creates higher school marks, less teen pregnancies, less drop out rates, and sets goals for long-term success and self-reliance
  • Employee Resource Programmes also welcome for staff to become mentors

Johannesburg & Cape Town, 6 December 2016: Infinite Family is a non-profit global video mentoring organisation. Today, students are growing up in communities without access to life’s basic necessities:  parents, a safe home, electricity, running water, three meals a day, a good education, and medical attention.  Instead, they are surrounded by generational cycles of violence, ill health, isolation and a lack of opportunity.Infinite Family has pioneered video mentoring since 2006 and connects teens with the opportunities of the 21st century. From Middleburg to Cape Town, Infinite Family has placed fully fitted video labs – “Launch Pads” – at participating high schools in townships and rural villages. Each young person has a scheduled weekly session with their mentor, held online in private booths. The fully supervised labs are fitted with laptops and are available to teens after school and on Saturday. There they learn computer problem solving and skills – i.e. homework and career research, video conversations, Steps to Self-Reliance skills development modules, keyboarding, emailing, etc.

“Using cutting edge communications technologies, we bridge the digital divide that separates youth who live in communities isolated by a lack of access and opportunity from the rest of the world,” says Founder and CEO Amy Conrad Stokes. “We help them develop the real-time skills they need to move beyond their circumstances and live as independent adults. At the moment, there are 500 South African teens waiting to start 2017 with mentors of their own.”

Video mentors are a global force that teaches and influences youth to make decisions that create opportunities and lead to self-reliance. Mentors share their wealth of life and professional experience in ways that transcend time zones, bridge continents and celebrate cultural differences.

Through the power of mentoring relationships, our Net Buddy mentees learn about the tools they need to build a better life.

100% of Infinite Family’s mentored students are affected by HIV/AIDS and poverty. They live life day-to-day, amid uncertainty and fear, with little or no adult guidance and support. They are the future of South Africa, yet growing into young adulthood undereducated and ill-equipped to participate in a society that is moving forward rapidly – without them.

“Our global video mentors are role models who help their Net Buddy mentees break these patterns and build a better life. To a teen without enough adults in her life, you are life-changing role model,” says Stokes.

As an adult, you have the life experience and the expertise. South Africa’s teens have the ambition and determination to build a better life. Infinite Family’s technology connects you face-to-face for a mentorship that will change both your lives.

Technology Allows a Direct Connection and Personal Impact and Video Mentoring sessions are personal and interactive via our proprietary, secure Internet platform — the Ezomndeni Net. Ezomndeni means “everything related to family” in Zulu.

What is required from the mentor?

  • TIME COMMITMENT: 30 minutes per week
  • TRAINING: ~5 hours online, anytime, and one live 90 minute webinar session
  • COMMITMENT: A minimum of one year
  • MENTOR AGE: At least 21 years old
  • LANGUAGE: English is spoken during all video conversations
  • TECHNOLOGY: Mentors need access to a high-speed Internet connection and a webcam to log in, but there is no software to download on personal or work computers.


Sign up to become a Video Mentor today and start the New Year with a new Net Buddy. All information is on the website – If you are a company who would like to get an Employee Resource Programme started as mentors, please contact us on

Watch here  Infinite Family:  Be the Mentor You Wish You Had  (  to feel the impact of mentoring and how you can give back to those kids in need.



Keep that feeling of accomplishment flowing strong throughout the holiday season by choosing “Infinite Family” as the charity you support via Amazon Smile when shopping online. At no additional charge to you, Amazon will donate a portion of each purchase to sustain South African teens in their work to become self-reliant and successful adults.

Infinite Family is committed to protecting the safety of the teens and pre-teens we serve. As a mentor, you will become a major influence in your Net Buddy’s life.  We believe this is one of the most important opportunities we have as adults.  Throughout the process, we appreciate your help in maintaining best practices and the highest standards in youth mentoring by completing our mentor confirmation and training process.

There are six steps to complete the process that allows us to connect you with your Net Buddy. Below is the link and more information to guide you through the process.

Infinite Family:  Get Started  (

Matching occurs in February-March April-May, August-September and October to accommodate the school terms in South Africa.  We do not match new mentors and Net Buddies in the other months because of their school breaks and holidays.

We want to connect you with your Net Buddy as soon as possible, but your schedule will define how long it takes you to complete the training process. Our mentor record is 2.5 weeks, but you are free to take as long as feels right for you. If you complete your training during a break, we will match you with your new Net Buddy as soon as the students return.

Thank you once again for your interest in becoming a Video Mentor with Infinite Family! Please feel free to contact us if you have questions or would like additional information.

Issued by: Bette Kun, 0825769739,

Or Contact: Christina Potsane, Infinite Family SA, +27 (0)11.560.7997 x13; email

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