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SodaStream launched their disruptive new video “Shame or Glory” featuring HBO’s “Game of Thrones” strongman Thor Bjornsson, AKA “The Mountain”.

Icelandic professional strongman and former professional basketball player, Bjornsson, tackles the issue of shameful and polluting plastic water bottles in the three-minute video which has been viewed more than 50 million times since its launch on 15 November and is under a global, coordinated attack by Nestlé and the bottled water industry, with no less than five cease and desist orders issued to date.Find out more about “The Mountain” and what makes him the latest environmental crusader.

1. Where does your commitment to environmental issues come from?

For me, taking care of my body is obviously very important. Keeping well-nourished and eating natural products. In the same way that I respect my body, I respect the earth and the abundance of wonderful things that come from it. Taking care of the environment is a value that has been instilled in me since my childhood. As a sparkling water lover, and someone who cares very deeply about the environment, I’m proud to say I’ve been using SodaStream since I was a kid.
2. What do you hope to achieve with your “Fuck plastic bottles,” message?

I want people all over the world to join me and the “say no to plastic bottles” revolution. We produce over one billion plastic bottles every day. Most of them end up in our parks, oceans and landfills. This is hurting mother earth and killing animals, like dolphins for example, and we need to stop it. That’s exactly what SodaStream is doing.
3. Was it an easy decision to advertise for SodaStream?

For me it wasn’t even a question. SodaStream is a great company. We’ve been working together for over a year. It empowers people to take healthier and natural choices like using their own tap water. The tap water in Paris, where I’m staying at the moment, is amazing. I’ve tried it myself. And in most cities of the world it’s just as good. I encourage people to use SodaStream to drink more, feel better, and help the planet at the same time.
4. How strong are you, really? (how much do you lift in the bench press)

Well, I’m strong enough to break a 1000-year-old record. I competed in the World’s Strongest Viking Competition in Norway. After finishing the competition, the organiser asked me to break a 1000-year old record which was previously held by another Viking, Orm Storulfsson, who was known to be tremendously strong. It took seven men to help him left a huge 650kg log onto his shoulders. He then lifted it and walked three steps. That day his back broke under the enormous pressure, and he was never the same afterwards. In fact, he died shortly after. I decided I wanted to give this record a try and picked up the log with my shoulders. I could feel the pressure of the weight in every bone of my body. At the time, I was so focused on the weight that I didn’t know how many steps I was taking, or how much time had passed. As soon I dropped the log though, I could tell that I had broken the record. It turns out I was able to walk five steps, and break this 1000-year record. And my back was completely fine.
5. Give us something from the next season of Game of Thrones?

All I can tell you is that it’s going to be great. I feel really proud of it. That’s the best part of Game of Thrones, is that you can never predict what’s going to happen next. I wouldn’t want to spoil that.
6. What is it like to be on set as an actor for the of Game of Thrones?

Well the people are amazing, and it’s a pleasure to work with them. Game of Thrones is obviously one of the most famous shows, and I’m proud to be a part of it. Playing the part of The Mountain is a lot of fun, but it’s also very challenging. For example, I have to wear heavy armor which weighs around 30kg. We work long hours – even for a 10 second part, it can take up to 12 hours of work to get it exactly right.
7. What is your message to the people who deny that global warming?

I think that whether or not people believe in global warming, we should all take full responsibility for the impact that we have on the environment.
8. How can I be like you? What does it take to be a world’s strongest man competitor?

I work very hard to maintain my body. For me training is a way of life, and I’ll continue training for as long as I can. Being as big as I am requires great genes, but it also takes a lot of discipline. I have to eat right. I eat between 8,000 to 10,000 calories a day, and I follow a strict regimen of food that helps me maintain my weight. For example, my breakfast alone consists of six eggs, six rashers of bacon, 200g oatmeal, raisins, strawberries and blueberries. And this is just the first of the six meals that I eat every single day. And of course, I train all the time and continuously challenge myself. I’m a very busy man, but no matter how busy I am, I always find a way to give my body and my athletic goals the priority.

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