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Five years ago South African-born writer/director Christopher Grant Harvey began production on a short film Tears in the Rain. Set in the world of Philip K. Dick’s 1968 novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, it pays beautiful and stylistic homage to the1982 Ridley Scott classic film Blade Runner.

Harvey says: “making Tears In the Rain has been a sometimes arduous five-year journey. I had no idea what I was in for when I began in 2012 and I often wanted to give up. I came very close in fact, spending years in post-prod trying to get the right original visual effects and suitable score to bring the story to life. I asked myself why this particular film was so important. The pursuit of perfection and not settling for mediocrity was daunting and time-consuming. The burning desire though to delve deep inside and produce something that I could ultimately feel proud of (and be enjoyed by fans the world over) kept me going.”Adds Cameron Michael: “Working with Chris Harvey was an absolute pleasure. He is such a passionate and dedicated filmmaker and it’s fantastic to see his film finally being recognized and appreciated throughout the world. I can’t wait to see what he produces next and it would be an honour to work with him again”.

Produced on a minuscule budget of only R20,000 and filmed in South Africa in just two days, the short film has, very recently, been released on the internet, just in time to whet the appetites of sci-fi fans eagerly awaiting the highly-anticipated sequel to Blade Runner – titled Blade Runner 2049 – which is due for international release in October 2017.

Within 48 hours of its internet release, the film has already gone viral, being shared on a number of YouTube and Vimeo sites. It featured in IMDB’s top news of the day, which exclaimed: “While we continue to wait for the Blade Runner sequel out this fall, here’s an excellent new fan film set in its universe.”

Respected editor/novelist, H. Perry Horton said: ” Tears in the Rain is an excellent example of fan fiction that works. In concept, look, and feel Harvey has created a perfect slice of Blade Runner’s particular sci-fi. Actors Sean Cameron Michael and Russel Savadier embody their noirish archetypes with brooding aplomb and every facet of the film — cinematography, lighting, costuming, set decoration, score — helps link the short to its source.”

Film fan website recently reported: “While we continue to wait for the Blade Runner sequel out this fall, (Tears in the Rain) is an excellent new fan film set in its universe …”

Harvey has entered his short film in a number of forthcoming film festivals including the annual Philip K Dick Science Fiction Film Festival (May 18-21) and the LA Film Festival (June 14-28) with more to follow in the months ahead. Tears In The Rain has also been selected to be shown at the Sci-Fi Underground FilmFest which take place in Munich next week on February 12.

Tears in the Rain stars Sean Cameron Michael (Shooter, Black Sails) and Russel Savadier (The Bang Bang Club) and was directed by Christopher Grant Harvey and produced by Andrew Eric MacDonald.

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