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With restaurants popping up all over Jozi, it’s an exciting time for foodies across the city. It’s not difficult to believe that healthy food trends remain at the focus of the year ahead, as well as the occasional surprise coming from vegetarian dishes now taking the spotlight.

So what can we expect for this year’s food forecast as a whole? Radisson Blu Sandton Hotel’s Executive Chef, Vonique van Zyl, shares upcoming foodie trends set to make an impact in 2017.

Modern breakfast twists

Gone are the days where the expected menu options for your first meal of the day were cereal, eggs and fruit. As well as people opting for fresh sushi or salad, for those seeking a warmer treat, traditional curries are set to become a go-to dish for South Africans this year.

Desserts gone wild

In 2016 it was the mega milkshake, but it seems that sweet treats are getting bigger and more indulgent than ever before. Colossal cakes and decadent desserts, covered in chocolate and smothered in sweets are set to make an appearance, giving dessert lovers everywhere a little slice of heaven.

Health-conscious spices                          If healthy eating is on your to-do list this year, fill up your spice rack with cayenne pepper and the ‘spice of life,’ turmeric. Known to have a number of health benefits including digestion and anti-inflammatory assistance, turmeric provides a subtle hint of flavour whilst giving your body a little bit of extra care.

The tapas trend

Made popular in Spanish cuisine, tapas traditionally bridged the gap between siesta and late dinner, but now comes in the form of smaller plates used as your main meal. With the anything goes mentality of tapas, restaurants are now experimenting with flavours and styles from all over the world to form a mini-plate sharing experience for all.

Brain food

With the popular trend of business taking their meetings out of the office, it seems may restaurants are opting to serve food that keeps blood sugar levels stable and supplies optimal nutrition for the brain. That’s why we decided to focus a whole menu on this movement, which places traditional brain food at the heart of responsible eating this year. With focus on pure ingredients with minimal industrial processing, less meat and never more than 10% added sugar, we’re focusing on fish, wholegrain products, fruit and vegetables, all of which are primarily fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

Veggies as a main

Aside from fish dishes as a main, chefs are becoming more familiar with alternative plant-based proteins giving veggies their turn at centre stage. Although spending years as a side dish, vegetables are fast becoming a central focus with many opting to tuck into more food for their money.

The good kind of fat

After the rise in popularity of egg whites and chicken breasts, it seemed as though high fat was falling out of favour. However, with South Africans still holding a torch for the Banting lifestyle, high fat products including egg yolk, butter, ghee and cream are set to be permanent cooking fixtures in 2017.

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