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Loooong weekends are upon us, which are both a relaxing time away from the 9 to 5 and a potentially stressful time on the busy roads. To find the road-trip sweet spot and enjoy the drive, the king of the road has put together some useful travel tips to keep your wheels rolling on your breakaway.

The serious stuff (non-negotiable)
· Break your trip into shorter stretches. So, if you’re driving to Cape Town from Joeys, consider sleeping over in Beaufort West and enjoying some Karoo dining before heading out the following morning. There’s something to be said for the journey after all.
· Getting stuck on the side of the road or in the middle of traffic is a sure-fire way to spoil your fun before it’s even begun. So, make sure that your car is serviced, the tyres are checked, and that you have a spare under the homemade rusks and hiking boots in the back. Just in case…
· Traffic is bound to spike around this time, so prepare yourself mentally… Pump up the sing-along music when you drive into congestion, and keep calm. Road rage will put you and your family at increased risk, and simply isn’t worth the stress. So, hit the road with the right mind-set.
· Officers are on high alert during this time of the year! So, make sure that you adhere to all the rules of the road, that you have your driver’s and vehicle licence at hand, and that your car is roadworthy. Remember, your insurance cover is linked to conditions, and if these aren’t met your car won’t be covered. These conditions typically include meeting the roadworthy requirements and taking reasonable safety measures.Maximise the fun-tainment (highly recommended)

Travelling with children isn’t child’s play, so Wynand van Vuuren, head of claims and legal at King Price shares the king’s advice to up the ante for both parents and kids this Easter.

· Getting from point A to B can be a little boring especially for young children so download age-appropriate apps to keep them busy or keep it old-school and play a good ol’ game of ‘I spy’.
· Remember to have their sing-along music ready for when there’s nothing for them to see and their cool apps are cool no more. This might not be fun for the parents, but singing is definitely better than tantrums or crying.
· Make regular stops to ‘explore’ and turn the dreaded drive into an adventure; it’ll help the driver rest a little and keep the little ones entertained.
· Prepare healthy sugar-free snacks to keep their tummies filled in between meals, without elevated energy levels that come crashing down with a frown. The last thing you want are hangry, hyperactive kids.
· Always remember that kids tend to mirror their parents’ behaviour so keep it light-hearted with your partner. The last thing you want is an angry partner and moody kids in the car.

When you get to wherever it is you’re headed, there are Easter eggs to be hidden and hunted, braais to be relished, (if you’re really lucky) beaches to be explored, and sunsets to be amazed by. So, keep your eye on the prize and enjoy the ride.

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