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Unfathered by Dr Disa Mogashana is a gripping account of her life with an absent father. Inspired by dreams about her father to pen down the book, Disa gives a deeply emotional account of how not having her biological father in her life affected her childhood and self-confidence.

Disa alerts parents to the consequences of physical and emotional absence and its effects on children – particularly the absence of a father on a girl child.

The story starts off with her birth to a 19 year old mom in 1982, who is abandoned by her lover to raise a child and the complex relationship formed between mother and child as a consequence.

In the book, Disa relives the loss of her grandfather and uncle who assumed the role of father and what those losses meant to her. But in all this yearning for a loving relationship with her dad, there is the contrast of the father figures that come into her life, in her stepfather, her father in law and her husband, as father to their children.

Unfathered challenges those who grew up without their fathers like Disa to overcome their hurt. “You can only change that which you acknowledge, allow my story to help you acknowledge your own challenges and give you the courage to move on from it.”

“Through writing this book I found healing in some areas of my life. I have hope that through reading my story you are encouraged to also find healing in your own life. To be aware of potential blind spots in your own relationships. Whatever you hold back in your life holds you back, whatever you have buried buries you.”

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