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Note to editors: below is a speech by the City’s Executive Mayor, Patricia de Lille, to table the new Integrated Development Plan during a special Council meeting to consider the City’s budget, held today, 30 May 2017.

Mr Speaker,

Before us for consideration today is the new blueprint of our governance.

During our first term in government, we implemented 99% of the initiatives and programmes set out in the IDP from 2012 to 2017.

This second term gives us the opportunity to build on our achievements and successes.It gives us a chance to get on with keeping the commitments that we have previously made.

The Integrated Development Plan (IDP) for July 2017 – June 2022 gives expression to the political mandate that we have received from residents in the August 2016 local government election.

It is also aligned to the National Development Plan.

The Municipal Systems Act of 2000 requires us to consult with our residents on the IDP.

We reached out to residents through newspapers, social media, an electronic survey and various town hall meetings.

I want to thank everyone who took the time to engage with us through the various platforms through which we received more than 24 000 comments.

This plan gives full effect to the Organisational Development and Transformation Plan (ODTP) and sets out our development priorities over the next five years.

We will continue to build an opportunity city that creates an enabling environment for economic growth and job creation, and to provide assistance to those who need it most.

We will also continue to provide quality services to all residents and serve the residents of Cape Town in a well-run, corruption-free administration.

Through the IDP tabled here today, for the next five years, we commit:
· to contribute actively to the development our environment, human and social capital
· to offer high-quality services to our people and provide support to businesses in our city
· to continue to be a leader in local government

Our governance will be guided by six principles:
· Resilience
· Sustainability
· Transformation through Transit-Orientated Development
· Governance reform
· Customer-centricity
· Transversal management

These six principles are the new framework which gives direction to the plans and programmes we will put in place, to realise our 11 transformational priorities.

The ODTP emphasises 11 transformational priorities, which are:
1. Excellence in basic service delivery
2. Mainstreaming basic service delivery to informal settlements and backyard dwellers
3. Safe communities
4. Dense and transit-oriented growth and development
5. Efficient, integrated public transport
6. Leveraging technology for progress
7. Positioning Cape Town as a forward-looking (innovative), globally competitive business city
8. Resource efficiency and security
9. Building integrated communities
10. Economic inclusion
11. Operational sustainability

Two weeks ago our IDP was assessed by National Treasury. They were highly impressed and regarded it as the best IDP in the country.

Mr Speaker, the IDP put before Council today is certainly this city’s most innovative attempt to take local government to the next level.

Ground-breaking projects are listed within our Ease of Doing Business Programme, Infrastructure Investment Programme, Skills Investment Programme, Holistic Crime Prevention Programme and our Excellence in Service Delivery Programme.

There are many highlights in the IDP which we can look forward to implementing over the next five years.

The budget that I will be presenting later is informed by the IDP, as per the Municipal Finance Management Act.

I have no doubt that we will be guided towards greater service delivery excellence within this term of office, and that we will be making even more progress possible, together.

I thank you. God bless.

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