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The City of Cape Town encourages residents to sign up to become blood donors and support the efforts of the Western Province Blood Transfusion Service (WPBTS) to maintain blood supplies.

Tomorrow, 14 June 2017, is World Blood Donor Day. The campaign theme this year focuses on blood donation in emergencies. Cape Town and the Western Cape are no strangers to emergency situations, as the last week has shown, and often the threat of serious injury is a very real concern.

With this in mind, we call on Capetonians who meet the criteria to sign up with the WPBTS and become regular blood donors. As part of our efforts to build a caring city, we must do all we can to show compassion towards others, especially those in need. We encourage our staff and residents to donate blood as this small act could save a life. We thank those who are already committed to the cause and ask that they please continue their valiant efforts to save lives.It is also worth noting that the blood transfusion service generally struggles with supplies during winter when regular donors are not able to donate due to the common cold and influenza. So the more donors they have at their disposal, the higher the chances of ensuring that there are sufficient blood supplies for those who need it.

The criteria for blood donors are that they must:

  • be between the age of 16 and 65
  • weigh at least 50 kg
  • be medically healthy
  • lead a safe lifestyle
  • be committed to helping others

Blood donation is not solely the responsibility of an individual. Employers can play a role too. The City of Cape Town hosts regular blood clinics at its facilities, including the Civic Centre in the central business district and various libraries. We’re aware that many other employers also open their doors to the WPBTS, but we challenge those who aren’t yet on board to avail these opportunities to their staff as well.

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