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The City of Cape Town’s Director for Water and Sanitation has issued a directive to all consumers to adhere to Level 4b water restrictions, to restrict their total usage per person per day to less than 87 litres, wherever they are, and to warn excessive users that non-compliance will result in the installation of water management devices on their premises. Read more below:

This comes as dam levels remain critically low and climatic conditions uncertain while water usage continues to be too high. Water reserves must be built up while there is still water.

The directive further empowers the City to install water management devices on premises where the water usage is unjustifiably excessive with respect to the restriction level.

‘Engagements will continue with excessive users and letters will be sent to them soon. Where they cannot reasonably explain the need for the excessive use, in accordance with Level 4b restrictions, we will restrict the water flowing to their property.

‘There is definitely room to save more water especially if one looks at the high users. So many of our residents are super-savers and of course they must please continue to think of creative ways to save more water. Many households have repaired leaks on their properties following our direct engagements with them, but for those who continue to ignore our warnings and the law, we will be limiting their supply,’ said the City’s Executive Mayor, Patricia de Lille.This is part of the City’s ongoing proactive drought management interventions, along with increasing its large-scale pressure reduction programmes across Cape Town to force down consumption. Other emergency interventions are under way.

For information on how to adhere to the less than 87-litre usage requirement, residents should please visit the water restrictions page on the City’s website:

Residents can contact the City via email to for queries or to report contraventions of the water restrictions (evidence should be provided to assist the City’s enforcement efforts), or they can send an SMS to 31373.

Please also note that water supplied by the City remains safe to drink and is tested in accordance with the most rigorous safety standards.


Notice given by the Director: Water and Sanitation of the City of Cape Town on the 5th_day of July 2017

In view of the ongoing drought situation, it is imperative for all consumers to adhere to the Level 4b water restrictions and to limit consumption of municipal drinking water to 87 litres per person per day, cumulatively wherever you are, from the date of publication of this notice.

This notice accordingly serves as a directive to that effect.

Notice is furthermore given that in the event of non-compliance with this notice, the City will, in terms of Section 36(4) of the aforesaid by-law, in its discretion, install water management devices at premises upon which non-compliance with this notice is occurring.

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