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In preparation for Heritage Month, please join Emile YX? and 28000 other South Africans in honouring 371 people 
on the  “So-Called Coloured / Mixed Heritage Appreciation” Facebook group. Please suggest more people to add to the group.  
A year ago, Emile YX? won the LeadSA National Award and immediately realised that his own community did not celebrate their own greatness. No Award ceremonies, no bedtime stories, no urban myths, no mentions in school books of the great people that contributed to our history and these were schools in the Western Cape, where the so-called coloured / mixed heritage community were the majority. I suddenly realised that while people kept saying that we would have less drug addicts, less drug dealers, less gangsters if we had more role-models, no one was documenting or celebrating them in one place. I was initially only going to run 31 heroes for the month of March and soon people were asking for more. So I promised 365 people for the year. We are now at 371 people.
I immediately I realised that a community without heroes or knowledge of their own contributions to the liberation struggle from before the very first arrival of the colonial forces 600 plus years ago, to the liberation struggle of the last 100 years or so by the ANC, UDF, PAC, etc. All these people were not mentioned anywhere in the libraries, school books, etc and thus far only Coline Williams & Robert Waterwitch got a statue in Athlone, while Ashley Kriel, Anton Fransch, Peter Jones, Dulcie September, Neville Alexander, Imam Haroun, Autshumoa, Krotoa, Louis Van Mauritius, Galant, Basil February, Alex Laguma, Peter Abrahams, Harold Cressy, Reggie September, Zelda Benjamin, Tony Cedras, Abdullah Ibrahim and the rest of the 371 people mentioned on this group, can unfortunately not be found collectively in any other place, celebrating our communities greatness versus the ongoing media stereotype perpetuated from slavery to colonialism and now, neo-colonialism. Even when I did a search online, I found nothing.

As a person working in the community for many years with heal the Hood Project with thousands of young people, I realise that we need to change this by supplying our youth with the positive alternative role models that their community is able to identify with according to the mentality of the overwhelming majority of racially bias media, education and general population. In an ideal world we would all be South African, African or human,but in this racially divided reality that people are afraid to speak about race, in the far of being racists, we have to do as the old teachers were taught … To teach from the known to the unknown. I will start another group on the first of September called “ALL SOUTH AFRICA’S HEROES”, where I will mix the content so that we can see a different story than the previous and present hegemony tends to tell.

I hope that you will go to the group and suggest some more people from your community and help share the names that are present with our youth. We come from greatness and are more great than the NEWS will allow you to believe. I will be compiling these stories and images into a book, while I am here at Stanford University in San Francisco, USA.
I am sharing this with you from Fremont, San Francisco, USA
(I will be at Stanford University and in the Bay Area till 16th January 2018)
Thank You
Emile Jansen
Emile YX?
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